Monday, September 13, 2010

Café Opera, Bergen

One stormy evening in November 2008, I waited for my friend Terje to arrive in Bergen. Outside clear skies changed to strong winter showers, making the flight from Oslo bumpy, to say the least. I, however, was seated at Café Opera having a glass of wine.

Overall score: BBBB- (3,77 points)
  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBB+
  • Interior & Atmosphere: BBB+
  • Food: BBBB
Café Opera is a place for the hip crowds, trendy students or artists in for a pint (or five) of beer, or a glass of red wine. I, however, went there to hide from the fierce weather and wait for my guest to arrive.

As Terje arrived, we discovered that we both needed something to eat, before I could get the account of the terrible ride over the mountain. We ordered the same, cod-steak wrapped in parma ham with whole roasted potatoes, mashed turnips and gravy.

Fish wrapped in pig

Delicious combo of salt and sweet flavours. I gladly prepare meaty fish with bacon or serrano/parma ham. I have usually used halibut, but discovered that cod was equally good and much, much cheaper. Usually I use mashed turnip to salted meats, as I've always thought that it may overpower the salty, but milder fish flavours, but here it did not.

If this dish reflects the overall quality of food at Café Opera, I would not hesitate to recommend it as a place to dine. Its character as a young hangout may indicate, however, that the cook may have had a good day. It is only one way to find out - to revisit when being in Bergen the next time.

Café Opera
Engen 18, 5011 Bergen, Norway
Phone: +47 55 23 03 15
Fax: +47 55 21 54 99

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