Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where to eat in Tropea, Calabria

By Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Dagfinn Sigridsson Skoglund

I spent two heavenly weeks in the charming Calabrian town of Tropea (situated on the knuckle of the big toe if we stick to the boot analogy). Here are a few of the best restaurants I came across while I visited this pearl by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Le Volpi e l’Uva

The formidable Caterina dominates this friendly osteria, which specializes in seafood and serve ample portions at a very reasonable price. Also a wine bar with a great selection of fine wines.

Via Garibaldi, 11, 89861 Tropea VV, Italy

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Al Pinturricchio

In a backyard hung with paintings (yup!) they serve fabulous pizzas and other food with a wink and a smile, the ambiance is as good as the food. Kinda hard to find, but just follow the signs.

Address: Via Dardano, 89861 Tropea VV, Italy

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Hosteria Italiana

Another stylish hangout near the Duomo run by a handsome, tattooed and English speaking gentleman which serve an inventive and delicious array of mouthwatering dishes.

Via Boiano, 10 - 89861 Tropea VV, Italy
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Da CeCe

Situated in the most stylish back yard in town this somewhat exclusive restaurant serve very good food – their “Spaghetti Tropeana” is unforgettable, but some of their secondi piattis are very small indeed.

Largo Toraldo Grimaldi, 89861 Tropea VV, Italy

Vecchio Forno

Famous pizzeria where queues form soon after 8 pm, and for a good reason. Truly great pizzas at a very good price but nothing fancy! They also do takeaways!

Dagfinn Sigridsson Skoglund is 50 years old (forever) and is living in a studio apartment in downtown Oslo. He is working as a designer and art teacher, and is an excellent cook.

Dagfinn is a passionate lover of music, botany and is an experienced traveler - and he hates popcorn!

(Photo top: Castle on an island, Tropea, Italy. Photo: Przemyslaw "Blueshade" Idzkiewicz)

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