Monday, August 02, 2010

St Lars Kyrkruin, Sigtuna - Sweden

St. Lars Kyrkruin is located in downtown Sigtuna. This and other remains of impressive old church buildings are a reminder how important the city was during the early years of what would be today's Sweden. During Medieval times this sleepy small town had six massive stone churches with their own cemeteries. Today only one of them is preserved.

By the old city hall, you find a large tower in gray stone. It is what is left of a church dedicated to Saint Laurentius, most likely Saint Lawrence (225–258), the Christian martyr, after whom all others are named or Saint Laurence of Canterbury (d. 619), second Archbishop of Canterbury.

St. Lars church was built in the early 11th century. From the early 13th century the town was divided into three parishes and St. Lars became the main church of the town.

Today only what used to be the west tower of the church has been preserved. This probably due to restoration made by king Johan III of Sweden in the late 15oo's.

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