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Rich Norwegians badly behaved on luxury resorts

- crash course on how to behave in Norwegian paper

Photo: The Ritz hotel in London by Dickbauch
Norwegians have more or less been spared the effects of the ongoing recession. This thanks to riches created by the abundance of oil produced in the North Sea. Whereas many European travelers must save money, Norwegian travelers increasingly book luxurious holidays, but many behave badly, ignoring important etiquette found on many high-priced hotels and resorts.

If booking a hotel like the London Ritz, the Negresco in Nice or the George V in Paris, it is important to blend in with the rich crowd. The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten dedicated an article on the do's and dont's of how to behave on exclusive hotels July 12th - a lesson to learn for most of us, if choosing a hotel out of the ordinary on a destination.

A main rule is to look around, and act as the others do. 10 other do's and don'ts are:
  1. Do not act as if you own the place, even if you have paid a small fortune to stay there
    Most rich guests know how to behave, and it is considered bad taste to brag.

  2. Avoid laptops and mobile phones in bars or restaurants
    Hammering on a lap top or having a loud telephone call may ruin a romantic meal for the couple beside you in the hotel restaurant.

  3. Respect the dress codes - pack the best part of your wardrobe
    Dress properly when you stay in a high-class hotel, and do bring a suit or a fine dress for dinner, and do not forget a tie!

  4. Let the staff do their job, allow the porter to carry your luggage to your room
    Do not insist on carrying your own luggage, just follow the porter up and remember to follow advise number 9 - see below

  5. Be polite and greet fellow guests
    Looking down, staying silent many be considered rude. Greet staff and fellow guests discreetly and politely.

  6. Enjoy one glass of champagne at the buffet breakfast - only!
    Do not start your party at 10 AM in the morning. One glass for breakfast may be a lifting experience, but four may be considered rude and vulgar

  7. Stay slightly tipsy in the hotel bar - if getting drunk - book another (cheaper) hotel
    You may easily pay 20 EUR or more for a drink or a glass of wine or beer in a high class hotel. Getting drunk is rude, and may be a very costly experience.

  8. Use many plates at the breakfast or lunch buffet - do not pile everything on one!
    Go several times and help yourself to a moderate amount of food on each plate during breakfast and lunch buffets. Rich people do not eat as if each day was the last.

  9. Give a tip for service - a smaller one is better than none!
    The staff may depend on tips to earn a decent living. Leaving a small amount for the staff that clean the room or the porter that order you a taxi is an important sign of appreciation, and they may even give you better service! And do remember - a small tip is better than none.

  10. Enjoy your five star stay!
    Staying a luxury hotel is a grand experience for you as well as your fellow guests. When staying there, pamper yourself to room service or a visit to the spa.
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See the luxury offered at the London Ritz on this video

For your information; price for double room from September 10th to September 11th starts at GBP 300. A deluxe suite will cost 900 GBP. And that is "best available rate"

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