Saturday, August 14, 2010

Norwegian Air Shuttle continues flights Tromsø - London

(Source:, August 11th 2010) We have reported earlier that non-stop flights from Tromsø, the capital of Northern Norway, to London Gatwick have been a fiasco for Norwegian Air Shuttle. The airline has, according to, now decided to continue flights for another year.

Norwegian Air Shuttle started its direct flights to London in 2007. The air carrier has tried to tempt the citizen of London Metropolitan area to visit the vast Arctic wilderness, as well as providing a direct link from the region to one of the most popular destinations for Norwegian travelers.

The number of Brits visiting Northern Norway has not met its expectation, but the citizen of Northern Norway have appreciated the direct flights to such an extent, that Norwegian Air Shuttle has decided to fly Tromsø - London Gatwick for another year.

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(Photo: A view to the east from the Fylkesvei 292 road in 2009 February. Storelvskardet, Piggtinden and Piggtindskardet are visible ahead. by: Ximonic, Simo Räsänen)

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