Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving out - moving in..........

This was how people moved in Salt Lake City in 1911. I will move out and into a new flat late September, thus leaving interruptions here on Enjoy Food & Travel

I announced my flat for sale earlier this spring and sold it in June. September I will move into a newer and larger flat at Høgåsen south of Oslo with view to city and the fjord. Closer to forests and coastline I will still live just a 13 minute ride with suburban train from Oslo city centre.

Enjoy Food & Travel for sale! - see story here

Enjoy Food & Travel tries to deliver at least one story a day, in average, and I am happy to say that we have managed this much this year. In August and September, however, our goal is a new story every second day, leaving time to pack for that ultimate magic moving date.

So have patience, my readers, as more stories will emerge when I move into my new apartment on travel and food from Oslo and beyond.

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