Saturday, July 31, 2010

Uncle Sam wants more passenger information from November 1st

- Ticket chaos threatens transatlantic travel

Traveling to the US in November? Have you booked a ticket yet? If you have, check whether your operator or airline may meet new demands from American authorities. If not, you may be re booked at a higher price.

From 2009 all travelers traveling under the visa waiver program must register in ESTA - the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Failing to do so, may mean that you are refused entry into the US. You are advised to register as quickly as possible and at the latest 72 hours prior to departure.

The American "Secure Flight"-system introduced in 2009 will now demand that information on age, date of birth, and sex shall be registered when booking a flight to the US.

These "Secure Flight" rules will also include passengers only passing American airspace on their way to a non-US destination.

Few booking systems are adapted to these new US demands. This according to what Danmarks Rejsebureau Forening, Lars Thykier states in an interview to the Danish travel site Take Off. Adapting to the new demands in the "Secure-Flight" system may therefore lead to chaos as operators will have to re book travelers with the additional information to conform to the new rules. This may lead to higher prices.

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