Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cennet Yoresi, Istanbul

There are restaurants that are impossible to evaluate. One of these are Cennet Yoresi. In spite of strange food (my choice), uncomfortable seating in cramped conditions, I still recommend those visiting Istanbul a visit there. It is a genuine experience.

Cennet Yoresi - total score: BBBB (3,99 points)
  • Location: BBBB (4,0 points)
  • Service: BBBBB (5,0 points)
  • Interior and atmosphere: BBB (3,16 points)
  • Food: BBBB (3,8 points)
  • Beverage: Not available

A short stroll away from the main sights

Cennet Yoresi is located by Divan Yolu Cd., a busy street in the middle of Sultanahmet, i.e. the oldest part of the city.

You can get there with a 10 minute walk from Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar is found just in the neighbourhood.

Cennet Yoresi is a place for many tourists as well as the citizen of Istanbul, and you are welcomed by the staff, and are well attended to during your meal. The waiters are in full control and you may order and get served with no delay.

A unique culinary and cultural experience

You are seated in a truly ethnic interior at Cennet Yoresi, but this visit was probably one of the most uncomfortable seating experiences I have had during my travels.

We were seated on stools by very low tables and all my joints were aching during the meal, due to this peculiar seating arrangement.

Walls are covered by Turkish carpets and old women were preparing one of its specialties - insanely thin pancakes in a corner of the restaurant.

My friends ordered Lamb, whereas I was tempted by the Turkish raviolis. This is a dish to try once, as a unique culinary experience.

The raviolis were very thin, white and watery and had a very strange consistency. The filling had a pleasant taste, but it was immersed in a sour cream sauce with a hot chilli topping. It provided a taste never

The good thing was that you did not pay an arm or a leg for the meal. Not that that was the case elsewhere in Istanbul either.

This was a strictly non-alcohol restaurant, and we chose bottled water - a good choice to quell the heat from the hot chilli peppers.

Cennet Yoresi is worth a visit!

Cennet Yoresi is no place for those of you with rheumatism, as you may spend the meal in agony due to its strange seating arrangement. The restaurant does, however, provide a cultural experience far removed from most you’ve had until now. At Cennet Yoresi you get a glimpse of the real Turkey.

Do choose the lamb; even though the ravioli was an interesting dish, you get more for your money if you choose the meat dishes offered on the menu. I regret not trying one of their crepes. Do try one with a small cup of strong coffee.

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