Saturday, July 24, 2010

Apprehended by police after complaint on food

Eat your food, and do not complain if you are dissatisfied during your flight. If you do, you risk being apprehended by the police as one Norwegian passenger flying Ryanair experienced last week. He claimed that the sandwich tasted like rubber and declined to pay. That is what he claimed what happened. The airline has a completely different story.

Henrik Ulven (52) was on his return flight with Ryanair from Berlin Schönefeld to Rygge airport when he ordered «Freshly Made Premium Sandwich» priced at NOK 37 (4,6 EUR). He found that it was not fresh enough, and did not want to pay. He offered to change his order to a muffin, but at that point the account of what happened differed according to who tells the story.

Ryanair’s version was that it was not the sandwich but Ulvens behaviour that was the problem, whereas Mr. Ulven stated that his request for another item (chocolate muffin) was the reason for it all.

He told the press that the stewardess, after he had asked to be served something else, got very displeased with his behaviour and told him that she would ask the police to apprehend him on arrival at the airport.

Both the two versions may be right, to a certain extent. It feels unlikely that the Ryanair staff would go to such a step on the ground of a mere 4 Euro sandwich. I have, however, met enough cabin crew to know that overreactions may occur in a stressful situation, and if the guest acted remotely inappropriate, he could have been perceived as difficult.

So, if flying Ryanair. Bring your own sandwich. Avoid everything marked “freshly made” and if you are served stale bread or rubbery cheese, sit down and be happy.

Four Euros badly spent is much better than ending up behind bars.

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Photo - top: A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger by Petar Pavlov
Photo - right: English: Sandwich 日本語: サンドイッチ, by: 溜池ゴロー

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