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Slow Food Oslo's list of best food shops in Oslo

The Slow Food movement has been firmly established in Oslo. Besides inviting members to different arrangements, the keep track on where to go, to buy high quality products in the Norwegian capital.

I have attended a few Slow Food sessions, and found it to be a very stimulating place to be for someone who appreciates good home-made food made from scratch. Good vegetables, meat and meat products, dairy, fish and seafood and vegetables are essential to succeed in the kitchen.

In a country filled with low-price supermarket-chains, you need to find exactly to find that Italian cheese, Spanish ham, Italian truffles or Greek olive oil you're looking for. Many have a larger selection of fine Norwegian food products in their shelves as well, showing that our food is not only made in large cooperatives, but may compete with foreign products.

I am pleased to see that many of my favourites are on their list. Here are a few English presentations of some of Slow Food Oslos favourite food shops, with a short introduction. Click on the link to read the full story.
  • Farmers market (July 18th 2009)
    In June, small scale producers had gathered in the lower part of
    Karl Johans Gate for a large farmers market.

  • Fenaknoken (July 18th 2009)
    Fenaknoken is located by Oslo City Hall. The cook Eirik Bræk, his father Oddmund and uncle Gudbrand has established maybe the place to explore Norwegian food culture.

  • Olivier's & Co (February 28th 2008)
    Wonder whether your friend have a certain book, or has a kitchen full of gadgets that are never used? Buying a gift for someone like me, over 40, that has everything and certainly not needs more is such a pain.

  • Pascal - a Franco-Norwegian foodstory (March 23rd 2008)
    When Pascal Dupuy opened his first pâtisserie in Oslo in 1995, he brought the fine art of creating French cakes and chocolates to Norway.

  • Pølsemaker Strøm-Larsen (July 18th 2009)
    At Torshov, in North Eastern Oslo, you find another Oslo institution. Strøm-Larsen have supplied the area with fresh, salted, smoked and cured meat since 1904.

  • Salumeria (May 30rd 2010)
    As I strolled through the city a week ago, I found that a small Italian deli had been opened in the old Bazaars surrounding Oslo Cathedral. Salumeria has, in fact, been open for a year, without me discovering it.

  • United Bakeries (January 3rd 2008)
    Do you love the feeling found in a French boulangerie? Then you should visit United Bakeries, located by Karl Johans gate, in the heart of Oslo.
See list of shops recommended by Slow Food Oslo here (Norwegian Only)

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