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CLOSED JANUARY 2012: Basement Restaurant & Bar - Göteborg

Last year we enjoyed a great dinner at Fond Restaurant in Göteborg. It had then been awarded one star in the prestigious Michelin guide. In April we explored another Michelin restaurant in the city, and we were most definitely seduced by the culinary witchcraft performed at Basement Restaurant & Bar.

Location: BBBB+

Basement Restaurant & Bar is located in the residential area of Lorensberg, a quiet neigbourhood in downtown Göteborg, just a short walk away from the city centre. Easy to get to by foot or by public transportation.

Service: BBBBB

The staff at Basement Restaurant & Bar deserves a Michelin star just for their great service. We were pampered by attentive and skilled waiters from we entered the door until we left, then highly satisfied and content.

They were all available to us at any time of our meal and constantly kept an eye for all our needs, discreetly and with a smile.

All waiters showed great skills and did willingly engage in conversation on what food we were served and on what wine served to accompany it. At one occasion we were even given access to the house sommelier to answer a few questions too demanding to our waiter.

Food were served and table was cleared promptly. The exquisite service was a great joy to us!!!

Interior & atmosphere: BBBB+

The Basement Restaurant & Bar is, rightly guessed, located in a basement. Interior wise there were no extravaganza. Tables were located along discreetly coloured stone walls with very little interior details, except a few pieces of art.

This was certainly a restaurant where you should concentrate on the food and not on what was going on in the room.

There were plenty of room by the table, and enough space for all the cutlery, china and glasses that would appear during the large dinner, and the good distance to the neighbouring table felt very reassuring.


We ordered the 6 course dinner priced at SEK 695,- with a wine menu for SEK 455, all in all SEK SEK 1140 (118 EUR). This is a seriously good deal, as you get tastes and wines in abundance.

Crayfish and scallop, thinly sliced, served with woked cuttlefish, avocado cream and grated 3 year old Parmegiano Reggiano and newly picked meadow herbs: BBBBB-

My kind of starter, scallops, one of my favourite seafood, and crayfish, raw and very thinly sliced, all elegantly presented on a black plate.

Exceptionally delicate seafood flavours topped with a mature Parmesan cheese, and it all worked well when matched with the slightly bitter herbs. The cuttlefish was equally well prepared.

I had never thought of using an avocado sauce to such a dish, but it worked surprisingly well.

Duck liver in serrano ham, with port jelly and raspberry and chocolate compote: BBBBB

A truly scrumptious dish. One slice of duck liver wrapped in the most delicious slice of high quality Spanish cured ham served on a rectangular plate, with two small slices of toast, one cube of port jelly and a spoon filled with chocolate compote.

Duck liver rich and deliciously creamy, and its sweet- and nutty aromas was a great match to the ham.

The port jelly and raspberry and chocolate provided much needed sourness to the rich dish.


Angled hake, steamed with lime beurre blanc, roasted pumpkin seeds and Atlantic salmon roe: BBBBB

Another delicious serving from the sea, served in a beautiful deep plate. A decent size of fried fish, topped with beautiful ruby red pearl-sized salmon roe, and crunchy pumpkin seeds, resting on mange-tout all immersed in beurre blanc.

This was seriously delicious, one of the best dishes of them all. Fish perfectly fried, firm and flaky, vegetables prepared "al dente". Wonderful creamy sauce.

Fish lightly salted, and the the large Atlantic salmon roe "popped" in your mouth providing a salt-metallic taste. Good balanced by the acidity in the beurre blanc.

Medium prepared ostrich, with cream on grilled sweet potatoes and garlic, served with salsa on tomato chili and coriander: BBBBB-

The meat was ostrich, a meat resembling, and easily mistaken for beef, and may be served medium prepared. A large chunk served with a hot, spicy salsa and with an artificial curl of sweet potatoes. All swimming in a dark gravy.

The meat was not tender but rather tough, and I struggled to chew, hardly the thing one might expect on a restaurant as Basement. My two other companions did not experience this to the extent. The rest was perfect.

All interesting complementary flavours derived from the meat, the hot peppery salsa and sweetness from the sweet potatoes.

Nordbotten cheese, pecorino and French blue cheese with tomato and apricot marmalade: BBBBB

Three different cheeses with different tastes and textures served on flat stone plate, with an individually sealed compote glass and three slices of bread.

A hard Italian cheese with a characteristic aroma, made from sheep's milk, matched by a soft and mild Swedish cheese and a creamy strong French blue cheese.

Three aromas perfectly matched with a sweet bread made with fruits and nuts and a sweet marmalade.

Dark chocolate and banana and vanilla ice cream, roasted peanuts and sea salt: BBBBB

A box of different, conflicting and even surprising flavours all served on a white piece of china.

The most surprising element on the plate was the salty foam, not intuitively connected to the other flavours, but the salt worked surprisingly well.

The other flavours ranged from the traditional dark chocolate ice, the less traditional banana and vanilla ice, with a slightly browned slice of banana. An excellent end of the long meal at Basement.

Wines: BBBBB-

The wine packet at Basement Restaurant & Bar consisted of four different wines, three white and one red.

First a white wine from the Delheim estate in South Africa made from the chenin blanc grapes to the seafood and foie gras de canard. This was a sensational, surprisingly rich wine matching the dishes well. It was followed by a chardonnay to the fish. This was hardly the best match, and I did not find a similar match to the delicious fish. The Côte du Rhone served to the meat was perfect.

The choice for cheese and desserts is most often a sweet wine, e.g. a Sauternes and a late harvest. We were surprised to learn that they served a dry wine from the French Loire district. I am happy to say that that was a good choice. There was sufficient sweetness in the bread and jam to contrast the cheese, and a sweet wine would have been an overkill.

All in all - the choice of wines were good, except from the chardonnay. I would have preferred a much drier white wine to the fish.

(Photo: Delheim company website)

Rating the Basement Restaurant & Bar experience: BBBBB- (4,67 points)

Another great Michelin experience in Göteborg - in fact even better than the food served at Fond in 2009. Awesome food (4,83 points out of 5), excellent wine package (4,68 points), and that is the most important part of the visit. The basement interior was slightly disappointing. The service was excellent from the first start.

Enjoy Food & Travel concludes!! Basement Restaurant & Bar in Göteborg is worth a visit. An impressive experience to a very favourable price.

Basement Restaurant & Bar
Götabergsgatan 28, 411 34 Göteborg
Phone: +46 031-28 27 29
Fax: +46 031-28 27 37

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