Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yaya's - a Thai beach club in Oslo

For those of you that miss that trip to Thailand during the volcanic ash incidence a few weeks ago, a Thai beach club is not far away. Yaya's in Oslo offers terrific food, colourful lighting, East Asian thunderstorms and power outages.

My good friend Susanne Koch invited me to dinner at Yaya's a few months ago. When descending into a dark basement in downtown Oslo, I found myself in a dark, odd interior with fake exotic plants, bamboo railings and funny looking tables and chairs.

You never saw such a place, I guarantee, unless you have happened to dine by Chaweng Beach in Thailand. Susanne assured me that Yaya's was as close as it gets to the real thing. I found the seating arrangements a little uncomfortable, but as we were the only one's there (nearly) the service was good.

We missed one of Yaya's most striking features, as randomly its dark rooms turn even darker as the lights go out and a rumbling of thunder mimics the shifting weather by the Thai beaches.

I ordered one number 10 Goong satay, i.e. fried prawns with peanut sauce (79 NOK), followed by Gaeng Ped Gai, casserole with chicken in red curry, coconut milk and vegetables. (NOK 39). First characterized as "mild" second as "strong".

Prawns served in a boat shaped plate. Delicious, one of the best servings I've had, lately - with a creamy tasty peanut sauce, and not very hot. The Gaeng Ped Gai, however, was a refreshingly hot experience. Much, maybe too much taste, as the many flavours fought each other in an intense cacophony. Very much was going on on the plate, indeed. I would have preferred fewer and more distinct flavours, as found in many other Thai dishes.

Would I visit Yaya's interpretation of a Thai beach club again? Most certainly! It is one of those extraordinary restaurants visits you will hardly forget, and for those of you who have not visited Thailand yet (me included), you will get a good idea of how a dining experience in the tropical dusk would be.

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Yaya's Thai Beach Bungalow Restaurant Vika
Munkedamsveien 53B 0250 Oslo

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