Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tønsberg A-Z

Vis Tønsberg from A-Z i et større kart

Tønsberg is the largest city and the administrative centre of Vestfold county, and is one of the oldest cities in Norway. Here you find remains of the largest medieval castle in the country. Some of the sights, hotel(s) and bars and restaurants of the city is found on this map.

I visited the Tønsberg back in 2007, the first time for my part. It has a charming city centre, marked by its long history. Although it thrived back in medieval times, there are very few sights dating back that far. Most of the houses are built the last three centuries along charming narrow streets.

I stayed there for 24 hours, so I did not manage to see much of the city, but I got a few hours to take a morning stroll on the castle hill. It was a vast complex in its time that ended when it was left to decay after a large fire ravaged the castle in 1503.

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(Photo: Bronze model of how the fortress may have appeared by: 91)

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