Sunday, May 30, 2010

Salumeria - a new Italian deli in Oslo

As I strolled through the city a week ago, I found that a small Italian deli had been opened in the old Bazaars surrounding Oslo Cathedral. Salumeria has, in fact, been open for a year, without me discovering it. I bought a few treats to bring to my summer home.

Good delicatessen come and go in Norway. This as most Norwegian prefer price to quality, when buying food. As we are not part of the common market, outrageous duties are charged on imported quality foods. This makes small delis like Salumeria struggle. Why should these importers of small quantities pay the same duty as the large supermarket chains? There should be a graded duty system in place to help them survive.

It is most certainly our duty to help suppliers of foreign quality foods survive. Without them, the Oslo culinary scene would be so much poorer.

Back to what Salumeria has to offer. Choose from a wide variety of Italian fine foods as cured ham, salamis, cheese, marmalades, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and pasta. I did not buy much, as it was just before pay day, but I bought a packet of sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, one small mild Italian salami, and one much stronger.

I felt very welcome at Salumeria, and the staff had time for a food chat, and we got a taste of the products before buying them. This is most definitely a place that I will return to, and that I will recommend to those of you looking for a weekend treat.

Dronningensgate 27, 0154 Oslo, Norway,
Phone: +47 22 82 52 01
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Photo: gruppo di pancette affumucate by Dancan

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