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Oslo: My favourite supermarkets

How about it, Mr. Rockford? Twenty thousand dollars can buy a lot of groceries.
The Rockford files

I usually roam low price food retailers when shopping for staple foods as milk, flour and butter, but when I am looking for a treat, it is much trickier. Here are three of the more well stocked supermarkets where you may find fine foods, but be aware, you may have to pay up.

Centra Collosseum
Essendropsgt. 9
0368 OSLO
Telefon: 23 20 55 20
Telefaks: 23 20 55 49

Centra Collosseum is named after Collouseum Cinema, the largest movie theatre in Northern Europe and the largest THX cinema in the world. It is distinguished by its large spherical dome. To get there take all westbound subway lines and leave at Majorstuen station. Centra is a five minute walk away.

It is maybe the best of all supermarkets of Oslo, very large, and with a surprising variety of different foods. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, look at Centra Collosseum. If you do not find it there, you may have to go abroad.

You will find a large selection of fresh meats, fish, as well as frozen game, poultry, seafood, and much more.

Even very exclusive and/or exotic ingredients as alligator meat, antelope steaks and whole goose liver may be found in their freezers. They have an impressive selection of Norwegian and foreign cheese.

Last time I was there you could buy freshly made chorizos or salsiccias, Spanish and Italian sausages.

There are so much to discover in the well stocked shelves at Centra Collosseum, much more than can be mentioned here. This is a place to buy those ingredients that are not available at your local Kiwi, Rema, Mega or ICA supermarkets. But buy you staple foods there, as the price leval at Centra Collosseum is considerably higher than in regular budget supermarket.

Ultra Bryn
Østensjøveien 79
0667 OSLO
Telefon: 22 75 79 00
Telefaks: 22 75 79 70

Ultra Bryn is one of the best supermarkets in this chain. I have gone grocery shopping at Ultra Stovner, but the supermarket at Bryn is by far the best of the two.

Ultra is located in the eastern suburb of Brynseng, a five minute walk away from the Høyenhall subway station

They have an impressive supply of fresh fish, seafood, high quality cuts of meat and a large selection of ham, sausages, and other cured, smoked and salted products.

Last time I was there, there was a 40% discount on Salma salmon, a sushi quality salmon loin.

See what I prepared from this piece of salmon here

The range of specialties, and more eccentric ingredients is not as wide as at Centra, but it is by far better than those found in ordinary supermarkets.

A Food Market
Osterhausgate 10
0183 Oslo

This is definitely my favourite Asian food market. New and squeaky clean, filled up to capacity with interesting Asian specialties.

In the freezers you find a wide range of seafood in any size, from huge Asian prawns to neat small mussels frozen in their shells. You find fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits. What about frozen shitake mushrooms? Just grab a handfull and throw into your stir fry.

They have one of the best selections of Asian herbs as lime leaves, lemongrass, or oriental basil.

One of the most interesting things to buy are their frozen dim sum , separately frozen breaded prawns, different dumplings, crab rolls, fish balls, and much, much, more.

You can also buy seasonings for Thai, Philipino, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines. This is a place to visit, just to see the richness of these culinary traditions.

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