Sunday, May 02, 2010

Giovanni Rana - a decent quality pasta brand

Making your own filled pastas are difficult stuff, and hardly worth the effort unless making one's with your special stuffing. There are, after all, many good fresh and dried pastas on the market and Giovanni Rana is one range good quality fresh – rustic- pastas.

I have tasted the Rana ravioli with mushroom filling and it was close to the homemade one's I have ever tasted. I bought another variety, Rana tortellini with gorgonzola and walnut (a fabulous combo) in my local supermarket.

Here are other pastas from Rana's range I've seen in my supermarket in Norway (Meny - Majorstuen):
Fresh pasta needs to cook for a minute or two, literally, and cooking for a slightly longer period, may mean that the filling leaks out in the water.

They were very good, soft with a generous amount of well balanced filling inside.

It is more expensive than most other pasta brands, but absolutely in the upper end of the scale on quality.

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John said...

Thanks for yet another heads up, Tor. I need to try this brand one of these days. :) I've noticed the brand making its appearance at our local supermarket as well. My first thought when I saw the brand was whether they might also produce a true potato gnocchi. It could be that they make it but its just not being stocked here in Norway.