Friday, May 28, 2010

English "bangers" for breakfast

Every Sunday I have a decent Norwegian breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and if available, canned tomato beans. A real truckers breakfast that will leave you satisfied well beyond lunch. My friend Dagfinn prepared another treat for breakfast a few weeks ago - English sausages.

Bangers for breakfast? O yea, baby! That's real morning grub!

He had visited England and Scotland the weeks before, and had brought home some UK grub. Among it were Wall's "The Finest Cuts Classic Pork sausages", made by appointment to HRM QEII. I wondered whether Her Majesty had the same bangers for breakfast at Balmoral that day, or maybe they ended up as a dog's dinner?

Wall's sausages are like no sausages sold here in Norway, at least that I know of. Indecent and chubby, made for an equally indecent and chubby breakfast. Well seasoned and with its fare share of lard for taste and moistness.

No butter needed, as they started to sweat immediately when hitting the dry pan, and got brown and crispy in their own fat. No wonder that I look chubby, when I have these kind of food in the morning!! I love breakfasts like these, and find vegetables and salads dreary! Does anyone know how to make salads sexy?

Brown, succulent bangers and fried eggs on a beautiful sunny spring morning. A superb food story for culinary hedonists.

See this hilariously funny advert on Wall's sausages!

It was banned - a pity really!!

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