Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Tunisian feast

My good friend and Enjoy Food & Travel food-writer loves the Maghreb. Tunisian cuisine was on the menu, as we enjoyed a great food party in his downtown studio the other day, and he certainly did not let his guests down.

Dagfinn loves Tunisia, and has visited this North African country at least once the last years. That is completely understandable. The colours, sights, scenery, scents, and flavours of the Maghreb are breathtaking.

He started, as many meals do in this neck of the world, with many small appetizers. Fish baked in crisp filo pastry, a spicy dip made from fava beans and garlic, and an extremely hot pepper based salad that severely burning your taste buds.

As main course he served a traditional chicken tagine flavoured with figs and aromatic North African spices and a vegetable couscous.

Both I and Susanne were immediately brought back to the cuisine of Marrakech. Delicious, complex flavours of North Africa, sweet, salt, hot and smoky.

Chicken was tender to perfection, as no effort was needed to cut into it. You were in no need of a knife, but rather a fork or even a spoon.

After the main course, we were served sweet cakes, brought back from Tunisia. Small, decorative and with a sugar content several times higher than in any European pastries or cakes, but it worked well when served with a bitter, strong cup of espresso.

And then he brought out the liquors of the Maghreb. A bitter, and liquors made from figs and dates lifted the spirits even higher.

Another great evening enjoying Dagfinn's magic culinary skills. I do look forward to invite him for a good dinner to repay him for his generous hospitality.

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