Monday, April 26, 2010

Sausages from Eastern Europe

At Milorad Zagorka at Saluhallen you find yourself in sausage heaven - in an Eastern European sausage heaven!

Sausages are among my favourite foods, when made properly with good meat, garlic and seasoning. If you agree, Milorad Zagorkas little shop at Saluhallen in Göteborg is the place to go.

You may buy Spanish and Argentian chorizos here, but most sausages are rustic Eastern European. Here are a few varieties for sale:

Domaca sausage and Sremska kobasica from the Serbian area of Srem, a slightly smoked sausage made from beef and pork meat spiced with paprika, black pepper, salt and "secret spices".

Teufel wurst, is a hot Hungarian sausage.

Kabanossi are dry sausages made throughout Eastern Europe from pork and beef, lightly seasoned and then smoked.

Kabanosy are made of pork, most commonly dry to very dry in texture and smoky in flavor. Both names comes from the Turkish term "kaban", which means hog.

Rackebajsare are strong beer sausages with garlic and cayenne.

Kielbasa Jalowcowa
are Polish, firm, full-bodied, dark, semi-dry sausages, heavily smoked with juniper wood and seasoned with pungently flavored crushed juniper berries.

Polish Mysliwska or hunters Sausages
are made of pork and beef and prolonged smoking and juniper berries give the sausages its unique character. Hunting always was a popular sport in Poland practiced originally by the nobility. Mysliwska Sausage was a relatively short, well smoked sausage that would make an ideal food or snack during hunting.

We could not resist the temptation and we bought five varieties each to enjoy in good company. I will tell you how we prepared them later.

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