Thursday, April 08, 2010

Queens pub A.D. 1692

Oslo is a relatively young city in Europe. The settlement goes back a thousand years, and the present city goes back to 1624. Visitors will not see many old buildings either, but when walking down Stenersgata, you will see a half timbered building. It dates back to 1692 and here you may sit down at the Queens pub for a pint of beer.

The Queens pub is definitely not the most posh of places. The furniture is shabby, run down, and the light in the old enclosed courtyard has been blocked by black canvas. This to protect the huge TV screens entertaining the football crowds. If it had not been for the house, I would never have set my foot there.

When you look through that, the Queens Pub is located in an architectural pearl. An old courtyard with stairs up to a walkway going along the old house on floor up. This is how this part of the city used to be.

So even if sports pubs are not your cup of tea, you should have a pint of beer at Queens Pub, and soak in three centuries of the city's history, but there are better places to continue that evening out.

Queens Pub og Pianobar
Brugata 14
0184 Oslo, Norway
22 17 70 26

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