Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Non-stop bus service Stavanger-Hamburg reopens

After the last weeks volcanic chaos, planes are out, and land transport is in. Now you may take bus from Stavanger to Hamburg again.

Hamburg is a major hub in northern Europe. From here you may travel by air, bus or train to a large number of destinations in Europe.

Veolia Transport Sør ran a non-stop service from Stavanger to Hamburg, but closed it down, due to low interest by the public. From April 20th it reopens the 15 hour service on a temporary basis.

Tickets are available on the bus. Price, ferry included, will be NOK 1700 (115 EUR) one way. To make a reservation call 901 13 393.

Veolia will decide on the fate of the service when air traffic is back to normal.

(Photo: Hamburg city hall, Germany by Daniel Schwen)

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