Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Luggage storage in downtown Boston

The day I left Boston, my cousins were to attend a patriots game, leaving me to fend for myself the last hours before my flight. I needed a place to store my trunk the hours before going to the airport. For those of you in need for storage facilities in downtown Boston I'd like to inform you that that is extremely difficult.

Most destinations, if not all, I've visited you may find safe storage for your luggage in airports, train- or bus stations. You insert a few coins, retrieve a key, and you are free to roam the city before you travel on. I thought that was the the case in Boston as well, but it was not.

I caught the Greenbush line leading from the small South shore community of Scituate, ending up at South Station. This is the end point of southbound suburban, regional and intercity trains.

Adjacent to the train station you'll find South Station bus terminal (image top), where you can catch bus connections to cities throughout the Northern New England area.

In any European city there will be storage facilities for those traveling through the city. As I had done my fair share of retail therapy, my trunk was so heavy that dragging it around a whole day was out of question. I therefore, on arrival, asked where a storage facility may be. It soon became clear that there were no storage facility available.

The only way to store your trunk is either to ask to place your luggage at a nearby hotel, or take the lift to the upper level of Boston bus terminal. Here you find a storage room operated by Greyhound buses.

Be aware that they close at 5 PM (Do check this yourself - as getting closing hours wrong, may end with you being out of luggage). The restricted opening hours seriously affected my day. As my plane to Reykjavik left at 9.30 PM, I had to stay the hours before leaving for the airport at South Station - with my trunk.

I tried to ask people about this particular and very obvious lack of service for travelers. The explanations were summed up in one word - security.

This seems to be fear blown completely blown out of proportions. European countries are subjected to the same security threats than the US, and are still willing to provide safe storage for peoples personal luggage. The city of Boston should provide this kind of service for tourists stranded there with their luggage waiting for connecting means of transportation. Security could be maintained by using scanners as those found on airports.

So try to plan ahead if you plan to stay in Boston a day before traveling on. Check with a nearby hotel whether you may store your luggage there. I will personally contact the South Station and make my own inquiries. I will keep you posted.


- Top: The main bus terminal of Boston from Atlantic Avenue: CaribDigita
- Bottom: Kontrolle am Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld, Gate easyJet: Edward

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Edward Thirlwall said...

When I was back in the US for some traveling and meeting friends after a long time, I had the opportunity to utilize one of the luggage storage companies located near one of the busiest downtowns. I initially thought that it won’t be safe, but I am surprised that it was.