Monday, April 19, 2010

How to make a perfect poached egg

Many years ago, when I was a student and constantly low on cash, I once ruined six perfectly good eggs in a late night attempt to master the art of poaching. I have since cooked a lot of nice meals and mastered some advanced cooking skills. The failure poaching still had me convinced poaching was too difficult for me, that there was no point in trying again.

By Guest Writer Susanne Koch

So this Easter, when an acquaintance told me there was nothing to it, I didn't believe her. But when she told me she had learned to poach eggs online, I was encouraged. I spend my days online, I am a web wizard and an egg head (!) and if I can learn it in the company of my Mac, I am not afraid.

So I consulted WikiHow, my favorite source of instructions -- any kind of instructions -- and found a seven step introduction to poaching eggs, complete with illustrations. Following the simple instructions, there really was nothing to it and the result was very gratifying.

The photo above shows the sandwich I made, placing some wilted spinach and canned salmon on a piece of toast and topping it with my newly poached egg (add a little curry to the spinach to add some warmth and zing).

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