Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Gothenburg Cathedral

In the middle of the oldest part of Göteborg (Gothenburg) you find the city's cathedral. It is the 3rd of its kind on the site and was completed in 1815.

The first building on the site was a stave church dating back to the the founding of the city in 1621. By then the city within its fortifications consisted of only 5 blocks. It was torn down in 1633 to be replaced by the city's second church that was constructed in granite from 1626 to 1633.

It and 211 residential buildings burned down in 1721, but the walls were used in the construction of the second church that opened in 1722. It had the same dimensions as the former church but with a tower capital instead of the former spire.

The second church was damaged in a large fire December 20th 1803. The damage was so bad that it was impossible to use the old structures. The present church was designed by Carl Wilhelm Carlberg and completed in 1815.

It is a massive classicist buildings with large columns flanking the main door. Above is a large square tower with a copper dome on top. Classicist and empire features continue inside the church as well. You will also find baroque style angelic figures from the older church. They were crafted by Jacques Adrien Masreliez and was saved from the flames in 1802.

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