Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fjord Line order two new ferries

- will be in traffic from 2012

Fjord Line has ordered two new ferries to bring passengers from Bergen and Stavanger to Hirtshals in Denmark. This may be a risky move in trying times in the Scandinavian ferry market.

The Scandinavian ferry market is struggling to stay afloat. As the price of air fare goes down, people choose traveling further in their spare time.

Norwegian Color Line and Danish DFDS have been the main competitors in this market. They run ferry services to destinations in Denmark and Germany from Norwegians ports. It has been extremely difficult for other companies to break their dominance.

Fjord Line has decided to operate from western Norway, with departures from the main cities of Bergen and Stavanger to Hirtshals in northern Denmark. They decided to challenge Color Line by opening up a seasonal crossing with the high speed vessel Fjord Cat from Kristiansand, in competition with Color Line. In addition to this, Danish ThyFerries is planning to sail between these two ports from 2010.

Fjord Line has decided to commission two brand new vessels from Bergen Group Fosen to a total price of 103 million Euro per ship. They will have 300 cabins and suites and can take up to 1500 passengers and up to 600 cars. It will have cafés, restaurants, duty free shops and conference facilities.

The ships will be delivered March and November 2012.

Read press release on Fjord Lines website (Norwegian)

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