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Christmas dinner at Beyti

Christmas Eve 2009 we sat in a cab, lost far outside Istanbul, looking for Restaurant Beyti, the venue of our Christmas dinner. It was supposed to take 15 minute from our hotel, but as a one hour trip approached we demanded to be returned to our hotel. A minute later, we passed Beyti, by accident. Tired and upset, but we decided to try it. We did not regret, as this ended up as a dinner of a life-time!!

Location: BB+

Beyti is located in a residential area a good 30 minute taxi ride away Sultanahmet. If our hotel had not recommended it, we would never have thought of dining there. Our taxi driver did, in fact, get lost looking for it, driving up and down the neighbouring streets, running into it just by luck.

Interior & Atmosphere: BBBBB

Beyti is probably one of the most exclusive restaurants I have ever visited. It is a located in a large 3 storey building. Here you may dine in eleven dining halls and three terraces served by five kitchens (!). It is decorated in Ottoman and Turkish style.

We were seated in the dome room, by an exquisitely set table, comfortably distant from other dinner tables. An elegant table with white tablecloths, china, wine glasses, cutlery and napkins.

We felt like royalty at Beyti. It was a grand experience!!

Service: BBBBB

Grand room - excellent service!! Good time to order from a large menu, and were pleasantly surprised by the price. Even though it was expensive in Turkey, prices were not frightening.


Visiting a restaurant like Beyti, you hesitate to bring out your camera and taking images of the food and interior. Under cover as tourists, I did, however dare to take a few pictures, but the circumstances explains the bad quality of the images.

Mezze plate

Another item forgotten, was a notebook. As the content of most starters are easy to decifer from any images, remembering the exact dishes in a combined dish as a mezze is much worse. So for what it is worth, here are what I recollect of our first course.

The flaky cake, was a puff pastry pie with fish filling. The green roll was a traditional dolma found in both Turkish and Greek cuisine. The paste was a dip made from aubergine, garnished with walnuts. Then it is getting worse, but I remember faintly a steamed fruit, and a baked tomato with mint.

What I do remember, however, was that the starter tasted wonderful. A treasure chest of well balanced tastes and textures, from the crispy pastry to the soft, tender steamed vegetables and fruits.

Lamb chops

We ordered lamb chops from the grill, and three small chops were served with creamed spinach, rice and baked tomatoes.

Lamb chops are better undercooked, than overcooked as the latter preparation method may leave the meat dry and tough. The chops at Beyti were perfectly prepared.

Not that I remember whether the meat was pink or not, but that it was deliciously tender. The other ingredients were equally seasoned and prepared to perfection.


Beyti had an extensive wine list to choose from, but as I forgot my notebook, I only remember that we chose Turkish wines. Prices were comfortably low for us, and we chose a glass of white wine - each, and a bottle of red wine to share.

The wines were served as they should be in a restaurant like Beyti – in large glasses and in style.

Four months on, I remember the wine experience at Beyti as exquisite. Good full bodied wines very well suited to our food.

Rating the Beyti experience: BBBB+ (4,47 points)

It would definitely be in the super class of restaurants if it wasn't for the location. For city guests it is in the middle of nowhere, and do consider what options you have if staying in downtown Istanbul. Except from this, Beyti is an exquisite restaurant. Wonderful, classy interior, great service, excellent food and wine.

Orman Sok. No:8 - Florya / İSTANBUL
Phone: +90 212 663 29 90
Fax: +90 212 663 29 95

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