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Buy famous brand names in the US - it's cheap!

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A 50 year old man (like me), with a slightly larger average waist line than most, may have trouble finding a Hugo Boss suit in Europe, and if I do, it will cost me an arm and a leg. For large and slim men it is much easier to find suitable brand names in clothing in the US, and it is much cheaper too!!

I have to admit that I, as a foodie, am struggling with my waist line. I am slightly obese, but in no way restricted by it, except that it may be difficult to find famous brand clothes in my size when traveling in Norway and in Europe.

When I do, I find that I may easily pay 750-1000 Euros for a suit. My advice to those in the same situation as me - cross the Atlantic. You may easily save the ticket when buying one single suit.

I have during the last two decades bought suits from DKNY, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren, and I have rarely paid more than USD 500, and they fit perfectly. This as my American brothers are definitely more obese than me. Whereas I am over average in size in Europe, I feel slim and attractive when walking down the streets in downtown Boston.

Start at Marshalls and TJMAXX

I know Boston very well, and here are a few ideas where to go to buy brand names. Start at Marshalls and TJMAXX.

They are part of large chains of retailers that sell a wide range of clothes for men, women, and kids. What to look for? In men's clothes, look for designer boxer shorts, ties, pants, and jackets.

Last September I bought a designer fleece jacket from Calvin Klein for USD 90, that was a perfect - it fit like a glove. Another item that went into my trolley was a great soft sweater in lambs wool from Ralph Lauren. These items would probably cost me three to four times the price at a Oslo retailer.

For those of you visiting Boston you'll find several stores in downtown, two of them a stone's throw away from the Downtown Crossing subway station. My favourite store is found in Seabrook in New Hampshire, an hour's drive north of the city.

Mean's Wearhouse

Last year, I was looking for a dark business suit. Erica, my cousin in Scituate MA, suggested that we should visit Men's Wearhouse in Hanover, a small community on the Boston South Shore.

I loved the experience. I was given full service from the first minute, and unfortunately I was just looking for the suit. This, as you can get accessories as shoes, socks, shirts and ties at a much lower price at TJMAXX or Marshall's.

Sadly I could not take advantage of their special offer - "buy one suit for $300 and get the second for $100." As I tried a most delicious dark gray suit made by Joseph & Feiss International, I looked through the shop for a second one. Sadly all of them had pleated legs, not my favourite cut.

But I got my Joseph & Feiss suit, perfectly fitted by a tailor for just $360, a very good price. This year I will return to Men's Wearhouse and see whether I can find another fitting attire.

For your information, the Cleveland based Joseph & Feiss Company is founded in 1841 being the oldest American tailored clothing producer.

For those visiting Boston, you'll find one shop in Boylston Street in the Back Bay area, and one in Summer street by Downtown Crossing. Be aware that if you need their tailor service, you may have to wait 1-2 weeks, so you may have to choose to take the suit home and get it fitted there.


Five years ago, my cousin in Salisbury MA, offered to drive me to Saugus, to shop for clothes at Syms, another large US retailer. They offered equally good service and I ended up with a large heap of clothes. I bought a navy blue Ralph Lauren suit, and a Ralph Lauren jacket.

Great service, but the quality of the suit was disappointing. It litteraly fel apart, and I had to find needle and thread to keep it together.

But I really got my money's worth at Syms, and ended up with a large number designer brands attires.

Since then, I've checked the location of the shop, and has found that it is not in business any more. Unlike the other chain stores, there are no shops within the Boston downtown area. The only shop is now located in Norwood on the South Shore, not far from the end of the Red Line in Braintree.

T.J. Maxx store, Ypsilanti, M - Dwight Burdette
Men's Wearhouse, Miamisburg OH - Ed

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