Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A touch of class at Café Metropole

If you want to experience old world charm in Brussels, you'll definitely find it at Café Metropole, located in the hotel with the same name.

Hotel Metropole is one of the old exclusive hotels in the Belgian capital. Staying here, you're close to Grand Place, as well as the shopping area along Rue Neuve.

I stayed at the hotel years ago, and I do recommend it. You may get favourable prices during weekends.

Stately living in Brussels: Hotel Metropole - read story here

My good friend Øivind Grimsmo introduced me to the Café Metropole on the ground floor of the hotel back in the happy nineties, as he and his wife had found it is a great place to have a drink outside all year around. This as the outside terrace provide heating and blankets during fall, winter and early spring.

We ended up at Café Metropole back in November, as my friend Ketil and his wife stayed there. A much better place than Conrad Brussels, where we stayed.

We were there twice to soak up its all world charm. It has an extremely ornate decor and you always end up looking at the beautiful details in the large room.

Once we ordered Kir Royal as an aperitif before lunch November 18th, and a glass of Tripel Karmeliet the day after before we headed for the airport to return home to Oslo.

We had lunch at Les Crustacés at Place Saint-Catherine - see story here

Tripel Karneliet is a great (and very strong) beer, holding 8%, you may easily get a buzz from this blond, robust, smooth, and fruity three grain top fermented brew. Try one glass for a good time, two if you want to be a little tipsy.

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