Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Royal Clockmaker in Istanbul

I found this memorial plaque close to Galata Tower in Istanbul. It tells the story of a Swiss clockmaker with a very famous son.

Father of Jean Jacques Rousseau worked as a clockmaker for the sultan Ahmed III for six years, from 1705 to 1711, just a year before Jean Jacques was born.

He returned to Geneva late 1711, because the famous philosopher was burn June 28th 1712.

Isaac Rousseau was a Huguenot of French origin and he married Suzanne Bernard, that died a week after Jean-Jacques was born. The little boy was brought up by his aunt Suzanne and his nanny Jacqueline Faramand.

After a row that turned violent, Isaac Rousseau had to move to Nyon in the neighbouring Swiss republic of Bern. Two years later Jean-Jacques moved back to his uncle in Geneve and started his way to fame.

Isaac Rousseau died as an old man in 1747, 75 years of age.

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