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Rating airline experiences 2006-2012

Sunset over the Atlas Mountains taken from airplane February 2010
Do you love flying? My experience is that every flight is different. We here on Enjoy Food & Travel has rated airlines since 2006, and I have compiled a list of different flights these last six years. Enjoy!
  1. BBBBB- (4,56 points) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Oslo-Lima, March/April 2012)
    All in all, the KLM experience is one of the best I've had in years. My compliments to the staff that made a top effort to make our long-haul trip as pleasant as possible.
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  2. BBBB+ (4,38 points): Turkish Airlines (Oslo-Istanbul, December 2009)
    Flying Turkish Airlines is what air travel used to be. Good service, food and drink included, no handling, luggage or booking fees. Only thing lacking was duty free sales on flights, but this was not greatly missed. Enjoy Food & Travel highly recommends Turkish Airlines when service is available to your destination.
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  3. BBBB (4,20 points):  Icelandair (Oslo-Boston, October 2011)
    Neither price, nor on board comfort is better, but this years experience was better, in spite of bad service between Reykjavik and Boston on our way over.
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  4. BBBB (4.13 points): Icelandair (Oslo-Boston, September 2009)
    Some of the Icelandair glam is gone. No free food and wine/beer, a little pricey compared to other airlines, but still the most comfortable way to travel Oslo-Boston. Smooth boarding and disembarking and top punctuality
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  5. BBBB (4,05 points)  Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo-Harstad/Narvik Evenes, December 2010)
    I waited too long before booking my air fare for Christmas. I ended up paying full fare one way and reduced fare on return.
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  6. BBBB (3,96 points) Scandinavian Airlines (Oslo-Harstad/Narvik Evenes, December 2012) This Christmas Scandinavian, however, was the cheapest airline and offered a good flight experience, good punctuality, service and even breakfast included on our way up to Evenes Airport.
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  7. COMING: BBBB: (3.91 points) Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo - Marrakech - Oslo, February 2013)

  8. BBBB (3,90 points) Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo-Tromsø, November 2010)
    Good travel value. Good punctuality, but no complementary food or drink at this reasonably long flight.
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    BBBB (3,90 points): Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo-Hamburg-Oslo, January 2012
    Flying Norwegian is like riding a bus, no much comfort, but you get where you want on time and at low cost, and who could want more.
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  9. BBBB (3,88 points): Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo-Trondheim, November 2010)
    Average travel value. Good punctuality, less comfortable seating.
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  10. COMING: BBBB (3,77 points): Scandinavian Airlines (Oslo - Bergen - Oslo, April 2012)

  11. COMING: BBBB- (3,72 points): Ryanair (Rygge - Paris - Rygge, July 2012)

  12. BBBB- (3,68 points): Brussels Airlines (Oslo - Brussels, October 2009)
    Reasonably priced ticket, good punctuality, but we were seated like potted shrimps. This is the most unpleasant flight since my South African Airways experience in 2007.
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  13. BBBB- (3,60 points): Star Perú (Lima-Cuzco-Lima, March 2012)
    The main issue with our Star Perù experience was punctuality. If  plane had left on time, or if we had learned the reasons for the three hour delay on our way to Cuzco, the score would have been much higher.
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  14. BBBB- (3,54 points): Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo-Marrakech, January/Februar 2010)
    Great price for ticket and good service. Low seating comfort on flight to Marrakech, but satisfactory on way back. Delays on departure and/or arrival both ways, confirming that Norwegian Air Shuttle struggle to meet demands on punctuality.
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    BBBB- (3,54 points) Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo-Geneva-Oslo, June 2011
    I traveled with Norwegian flights DY 1602 from Oslo to Geneva June 9th 2011, returning to Oslo June 12th with flight DY 1605. Flights provided average travel value compared to the air fare. Read full story here

  15. BBBB-: Lufthansa (Oslo - Barcelona, December 2006)
    Lufthansa is still a reliable and good airline and it deserves its score. The biggest potential to become an even better airline is definetely the food, if it has the overall standard we met on the trip. But still - a good airline experience!!
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  16. BBB+: South African Airways (London - Johannesburg, September/October 2007)
    South African Airways is a once in a lifetime experience. As comfort goes, it is one of the worst experiences I have ever had. I strongly warn passengers choosing South African Airways flights to South Africa.
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  17. BBB+ (3,50 points): Icelandair (Oslo-Reykjavik-Boston), October 2010
    The 2010 transatlantic crossing was disappointing compared to last years experience. Bad information and delays count for lower rating. Good leg room and short traveling time to my destination are still the air carriers asset.
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  18. COMING: BBB+ (3,45 points): Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo - Berlin - Oslo), January 2013

  19. BBB+ (3,30 points): Brussels Airlines (Oslo-Brussels-Oslo), December 2010
    Travel value worse than earlier on Brussels Airlines. Delayed departure, little attention by staff on economy class guests. Low comfort - narrow seat and little leg room.
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  20. BBB+ (3,27 points): Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo-Copenhagen-Oslo), February 2012)
    No extras at all is offered at Norwegian Air Shuttle flights. Liquor, wine beer, soft drinks as well as a selection of food is for sale at reasonable prices. We were not offered any duty free goods on board, most probably due to the short flight time.
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