Thursday, March 11, 2010

Move all long-haul flights to Oslo and Stockholm!!

Danish trade unions are pushing Scandinavian Airlines towards the abyss. They demand Danish crew only on all long-haul flights from Kastrup Airport. This as their colleagues in Norway and Sweden have agreed to demands from the Governments in the three countries on drastic cuts in order to get additional financial aid to save the air carrier.

Norwegian travelers find it unfair that we shall travel to Copenhagen in order to get to destinations in the Far East and the US.

Today there are no long-haul flights from Oslo airport operated by Scandinavian Airlines. Stockholm have non-stop flights to Chicago O'Hare and Newark, whereas Copenhagen has flights operated by Scandinavian to the following destinations.
Why should Copenhagen remain the main hub for Scandinavian's international flights? Scandinavian Airlines should abandon Kastrup and move all long-haul flights to Oslo and Stockholm. That is the way to save the crisis-ridden Scandinavian air carrier.

It would furthermore be a lesson for the Danish trade unions that have lost all sense of solidarity in a common effort by all groups to save Scandinavian Airlines. To uphold such privileges is highly irresponsible, when colleagues in the other Scandinavian countries may loose their jobs.

Let the Danes be fully responsible for the bankruptcy of the airline, as their stubbornness will mean no government deal to keep it afloat.

(Photo: Magnus Manske)

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