Saturday, February 20, 2010

A three course dinner in an hour

I invited a friend for dinner yesterday. I organized a four course dinner, and with a few easy solutions it did not take too much time. Preparing the food did not take more than an hour, and my oven took care of the rest.

Vol-au-vent with porcini stew

Vol-au-vents are puff pastry shells to be used for different stews. I prepared a stew made from dried porcini mushrooms picked by my brother at Langøya in Northern Norway. I soaked them in hot stock for 20 minutes.

I made a traditional stew from melted butter, flour, and the stock that had extracted the flavour from the porcini mushrooms. I balanced the flavours with sherry, a little sherry vinegar, single cream (20%), and truffle oil.

I added the mushrooms at the end, allowing them to cook for a few minutes. Then I cooled the stew.

I cut the top off the vol-au-vents, scooped out the excess pastry. Filled in the stew. Topped it with grated mozzarella, and baked it in the oven until the cheese had melted. Yum!!!!

Liveche chicken with Dijon mustard, tarragon and Parma ham

I have made this recipe before. This time I made a little twist by using some additional ingredients.

I placed the chicken in an oven proof dish, added a liberal amount of mustard and sprinkled dried tarragon over the mustard.

Then I placed two thin slices of Parma ham on top. I added a tbsp of butter in the bottom of the dish, and covered it with tin foil. I placed the dish in low oven (120C / 250F) for 4 hours.

I served the chicken with small oven roasted potatoes with herbs and garlic and baby carrots that I baked with the chicken the last hour.

I bought a packed of ready made sauce, as I did not want too much fuzz this Friday evening. The herb sauce produced by Stange was extraordinary good, and I added extra flavour by adding sherry and the rest of the porcini.

Chocolate cup with rum cream and raspberries

This is the easiest dessert I have made, and it was a success.

Use ready made chocolate cups, I did! I Use custard or rum cream as base for the fruit.

I placed fresh raspberries on top. A thin drizzle of icing sugar would have been appropriate.

You could make it even more delicious by pouring cooled jelly over the berries.

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