Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ryanair: New non-stop flights from Norway

Irish budget carrier Ryanair opens two new non-stop flights from Norwegian this spring, opening up for more travelers between Norway, Lithuania and Italy.

Non-stop flights Torp Airport - Abruzzo to open May 2010

Torp Airport was, until recently, the main airport for Ryanair in Norway. As the budget carrier fasten it grip on the Norwegian market, it has extended its activity to Rygge Airport, on the other side of the Oslo fjord.

Ryanair has recently moved several flights from Torp Airport to Rygge. Now travelers to and from Vestfold county can travel non-stop to Pescara Airport Abruzzo in south eastern Italy from May 2010.

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Direct flights Rygge Airport - Kaunas from May 2010

Ryanair will start a large number of non-stop flights from Rygge airport to destinations in Europe from March 2010.

Last week they announced that would launch its second non-stop flight to Lithuania.

Norwegian Air Shuttle has a all-year service from Rygge Airport to Palanga Airport. From March Ryanair will starts flight to the same airport, and will start flying to Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city starting in May.

Norwegian and Ryanair will from May 2010 operate flights to 28 European destinations from Rygge Airport.

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