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A New Years dinner at Le Florimond in Paris

I got this mail from my good friend John Wroughton. He and his partner, Øystein, had been to Paris over the New Year. Theu had their New Year's dinner ar Le Florimond. Here is his account of their meal.

By John Wroughton

This past New Years Eve (2009), we booked a table at Le Florimond in Paris based on its excellent rating with Trip Advisor.

Unlike a more typical night at the restaurant, they had two table settings (kl. 19:00 and 21:30) with the following fixed menu:
  • Pumpkin / squash soup served in its own little pumpkin (not officially on the menu)
  • Fried scallops in a morel (mushroom) sauce
  • House’s own homemade duck fois gras
  • Main course with veal
  • Cheese dish consisting of two layers of brie de meaux with a paprika flavored cream cheese-like layer in the middle
  • Mousse dessert with a nutty caramelized lattice decoration.
Each course was tastefully presented and “delicious” - and we did eat heartily. But I can’t recall any one of the courses as standing out as exceptional / memorable / unique - taste wise.

The pumpkin / squash soup was actually a surprise opening ‘welcome course’. Serving this soup in its own little pumpkin was a brilliant idea – and it was most definitely tasty. And it set the whole meal off on a good note. I’ll let the pictures can do some of the “telling”.

I think we received a very decent value for money - although the drinks we ordered (a glass of champagne each, a bottle of Cahors red wine, and coffee added another 50 euros to the bill – gulp!) But, hey, it was New Years Eve! (The ‘picher’ of water was free, though.)

Le Florimond’s interior is cheerfully trendy without being ‘fancy’ or ‘posh’. The tables were arranged fairly close to one another. The head waiter and assisting waiter(s) were friendly and communicative and the chef, Pascal Guillaumin, came out towards the end of the meal to greet the guests. Putting on and executing a six-course meal must require plenty of thought, planning, preparation and culinary experience.

We most certainly enjoyed the experience, before going out for the New Years “countdown” around the Eiffel Towel, Champs Elysees and finally up at Montmartre near our hotel, L’Ermitage. If I lived in Paris, I would want to go back and try a few of their every-day specialties.

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Le Florimond
19, Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
75007 Paris
Reservation: 01 45 55 40 38
Official website

Location of Le Florimond - see this new map of Paris

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