Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long roast pre-marinated beef tenderloin

Beef tenderloin should, as a rule, be served medium done, to be moist, tender and succulent. If prepared well done you usually get a disappointing result - a gray, often tough and very dry piece of meat. For those of you that dread eating a medium beef fillets, there is an option that will keep it moist and tender. A very easy way to prepare any meats, but it takes time.

I had, until last September, never made a beef tenderloin well done. This as I (and all my friends) love a piece of beef served medium done.

Early last fall, I visited my cousin in Salisbury MA, in the US, and she had bought a whole frozen tenderloin at the DeMoulas Market Basket in Seabrook N.H. She did suspect, however, it not to be the best cut of beef, and it had been pre-marinated as well.

Keen on experimenting we decided to give it the DeMoulas beef the long roast treatment that I had told her so much of. If it ended a disaster, it would hardly matter greatly.

We allowed it to defrost slowly in the refrigerator.

The next day I sealed it by frying it in hot butter, then we placed it in a low oven, i.e. 100C (215F) for a long time (do not remember exactly - but if you leave it for 6-8 hours, that'll most certainly do). If you are daring you could even lower the temperature to 80C (175F) for the same period.

I am happy to say that it ended up as a supreme piece of meat. It remained very moist and exceptionally tender, equally so to a medium beef tenderloin. I suspect that this piece of meat would have been tender any way we would have prepared it.

So there is definitely hope for those preferring beef made well done. This way of baking a tenderloin is certainly more time consuming, but much easier, as you may leave the beef in the oven and remain stress free.

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