Wednesday, February 17, 2010

M3 CLOSEDIn cod we trust!

This Sunday, I went back to M4 Mat & Bar for Sunday dinner. They had fried cod with mash, grated carrots and remoulade on the menu. What a dainty dish!

Less is more, is motto when preparing good food from scratch. High quality ingredients should be the primary source of taste in with only basic seasoning to enhance the existing flavours.

I love fish, and I was thrilled when I discovered that fried codfish was on the menu at M3 Mat & Bar that day, served with home made mash, and remoulade.

When I tucked into this dish, It dawned on me why this small tavern slowly is turning into my favourite place to dine in Oslo - good service, and simple, traditional, great food.

The cod was no exception from my earlier experiences at M3 Mat & Bar - perfect, nicely brown, firm but flaky. The mash had those reassuring chunks, clearly telling me that this was nothing out of a packet.

And home made remoulade, rich, tasty mayo with chopped raw onions and pickled cucumber.

That Sunday dinner was wicked.......

If you live on, or visit Oslo, and urge for a nice treat, genuine Scandinavian grub, M3 Mat & Bar is the place. The food is awesome, and prepared in a way hardly found anywhere in the Norwegian capital. No towering presentations, no drizzled balsamic vinegar, but honest cooking as my mother would have done.

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