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Baklava and other Turkish pastries

If you have a sweet tooth, Turkey is certainly the place to go! Here you can get pastry and cakes that surpass anything you may have tasted in sweetness. As here, on display in a bakery in Sultanahmet - sweet nuts wrapped in filo pastry and dipped in honey!

Pistachio treats

As you walk down Yeniceriler Cadessi in Sultanahmet, you will find shops selling sweets . One specialty is Turkish delights, a rosewater or lemon flavored starch and sugar confectionery, rolled in caster sugar.

If you would like to taste something even sweeter, try one of the sweet pastries filled with nuts.

As these Özel Specials (above), small, neat filo parcels made from flour, pistachio nuts, eggs, butter, starch and sugar.

Another treat is Söbiyet a rolled baklava with pistachio and cream is one of the most popular traditional Turkish desserts. Söbiyet is very similar to baklava, the only difference is that it has cream inside it. The amount of carbohydrates from one of these Turkish bombs exceeds any amount recommended by a dietitian.

You really need a cup of strong, bitter Turkish coffee to get through one. I know from experience.......

Coffee and Baklava at Bedesten Café & Patisserie

There is a quiet corner in the Grand Bazaar. There you find Bedesten Café & Patisserie. I, Per and Susanne Koch sat down in the comfortable sofas, and ordered a small cup of strong Turkish coffee.

I have no sweet tooth, but decided to taste a genuine Turkish baklava, a small cake made from filo pastry filled with nuts and immersed in syrup and honey (sticky fingers).

I was served not one, but three, and knew immediately that one was more than enough. It was sweet beyond any dessert or cake I have eaten during my 49 years on this planet. The only balance was the strong aromatic Turkish coffee.

Where to find Bedesten Café & Patisserie

See this map of the Grand Bazaar and surrounding area.

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