Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Will Hooter's conquer Norway in 2010?

American Hooter's is a chain of restaurant that may seem incompatible with the politically correct culture found in the Scandinavian countries. It is therefore a surprise that it has applied the city council of Stavanger, Norway's oil capital, to open its first restaurant in Norway. No wonder our women's lib' movement is angered. Will the city of Stavanger dare to open up for Hooter's lightly dressed waitresses?

The Hooter's chain is well known through the American TV-series "Married with children" starring the frustrated, underpaid shoe salesman Al Bundy and Peggy, his voluptuous, sex-starved wife.

Hooter's are found over much of the US, and is known for its sparsely dressed waitresses. The prospect of it opening up in Stavanger, is not entirely surprising. As the center for the lucrative Norwegian oil industry, it has a large and wealthy population of foreigner, among whom many are American.

In the application to the city council to take over after the former restaurant "Sjøhuset Nilsen & Wold" they present themselves in this way (translated).
"The restaurant has a beach-theme, and the menu consists of seafood, salads, hamburgers, beef, and spicy chicken wings as special offer. Even though the chain is not targeting families with children, the can offer a separate menu for kids. The selection of beverage is, with a few exceptions, is the same in all restaurants over the whole world. It may be compared to the Hard Rock Café in Oslo, and the interior has much the same character found in Peppes Pizza restaurants. "
It sounds innocent enough, and we'll see whether the city council will give its permission. The decision will come tomorrow.

The radical women's group Ottar has challenged Hooter's, calling its business idea as "a cold wind from the past", and claims that it is in direct conflict with Norwegian legislation.

Agree or diagree? I will keep you posted on this story!!

(Photo: Hooters Calendar girl by Mattes)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I will say that the funniest place I have ever seen a Hooters was Beijing China...and yes, I did venture inside and it was hysterical...all the hooters gals would do a cheerleader type cheer every 20 minutes or so to some exrtra-special-loud music (Hey Micky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind hey Micky). The gal that was serving us actually left in mid order taking just to do her cheer and dance. It was funny. The clientel ? Expats. The food ? Just like everywhere else...medicore deep fried stuff....I wouldn't say it's high on their tourist attraction list...