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Sights on Enjoy Food & Travel 2010

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To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the sights on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2010 on this page. Enjoy!!

  • Almoravid Qoubba , Marrakech (February 16th 2010)
    Close to the impressive Ali ben Youssef Mosque in Marrakech you find the Almoravid Qoubba. It is the oldest building in the city, going back nearly 900 years.

  • Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen (May 27th 2010)
    Whereas most European monarchs live in large palaces in green parks or in compounds hidden behind high fences, the beloved Danish queen Margrete lives in the middle of her people in the beautiful Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

  • Anderbergs tyger, Göteborg (July 19th 2010)
    Anderbergs tyger is one of the most beautiful houses of the Haga district of Göteborg. A blue memorial plaque gives an account of the history of the house

  • Arasta Bazaar, Istanbul (February 23rd 2010)
    The Arasta Bazaar complex was built in the first decades of the 17th century, at the same time as the Blue Mosque.

  • Arche de Triomphe, Brussels (January 26th 2010)
    Close to the headquarters of The European Union, you'll find the Parc Cinquantanaire and the Arch de Triomphe that King Leopold II of Belgium erected at the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Belgian state.

  • Arsenal am Pfaffenteig, Schwerin (May 20th 2010)
    By the Pfaffenteig lake, in the heart of the city of Schwerin you find a large Medieval style building. The Arsenal am Pfaffenteig was built to the local rulers by two famous German architects.

  • Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (April 14th 2010)
    When standing on the Playa de las Canteras, you can see a striking, square new building with a small dome on the top. This is the Auditorio Alfred Kraus, named after the renowned tenor Alfredo Kraus Trujillo (1927-1999), of Austrian descent and born in this city.
  • Bab Agnaou, Marrakech (June 9th 2010)
    The Bab Agnaou (Arabic باب اكناو) dates back the 12th century to the era of the Almohad dynasty.

  • Bab Nkob, Marrakech (June 9th 2010)
    Bab Nkob looks old, but is in fact much newer than Bab Aganou.

  • Bereketzade Medresesi Mosque, Istanbul (April 28th 2010)
    As you pass over the Galata Bridge, walking up the steep hill towards the Galata Tower, you find the Beretzkade Medresesi Mosque. This building was built in a turbulent, crucial year in the city's history.
  • Bergen old city hall, Bergen (August 9th 2010)
    Bergen is a city steeped in history. Its old city hall has seen the dawn of five centuries and is an outstanding example of renaissance architecture.

  • Berlaymont Building, Brussels (March 2nd 2010)
    The iconic, cross shaped, Berlaymont Building is the symbol of the European Union and is the main building of the European Commission.

  • Bispealmenneningen, Oslo (March 29th 2010)
    On the corner of Oslo gate and Bispegata you find this blue sign telling a short story from the Medieval city.

  • Blue Mosque, Istanbul (July 26th 2010)
    We had dinner at our hotel the first night we stayed in Istanbul. From the restaurant on top of Hotel Armada we could admire The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in full flood light, a truly exotic fata morgana on the top of the hill.

  • Bohus Fortress, Kungälv (September 22nd 2010)
    As you drive on the motorway towards Göteborg, you suddenly see impressive stone structure resting on a cliff. It is the remains of Bohus fortress, a 700 year old fortification going back to when this part of Sweden belonged to the Norwegian kingdom.

  • Bunker Hill Monument, Boston MA (January 12th 2010)
    Walking the Freedom Trail in Boston to its end, you end up by the Bunker Hill Monument.
  • Charlemagne Building, Brussels (March 2nd 2010)
    The Charlemagne Building is a seemingly new, avantgarde building located at 170 Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat. The building is in fact over 40 years old, but it has been given a contemporary facelift in steel and glass.

  • Clough House, Boston MA (March 9th 2010)
    Walking through Boston's North End you find yourself in one of the oldest city areas in the United States with a history going back nearly 400 years.

  • Copp's Hill Burying Ground, Boston MA (June 16th 2010)
    By the Freedom Trail, you pass Copp's Hill Burying Ground, the second oldest cemeteries in Boston. It was founded as far back as 1659, and house a number of notable citizen from Boston's old histor
  • Dalwhinnie Distillery, Dalwhinnie (August 8th 2010)
    This summer my husband and I visited Scotland. After some days in Edinburgh, we rented a car and drove north to explore the highlands. As the road took us higher and higher, we reached Dalwhinnie, the highest distillery for single malt scotch.
  • Deacon Larkin House, Boston MA (April 21st 2010)
    Charlestown is one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Boston. If you follow the legendary Freedom Trail, you will end your journey there, at Bunker Hill, the site of the famous battle between the English and the American patriots that took place here in 1775.

  • Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech (September 25th 2010)
    New York has Times Square, London Piccadilly Circus, Brussels its Grand Place. Marrakech has Djemaa el Fna. Here the Mediterranean meets the Sahara.
  • El Badi Palace, Marrakech (April 7th 2010)
    These are the walls of the El Badi Palace Arabic: قصر البديع‎ - meaning the incomparable palace) in Marrakech, seen sadly from the outside only, as it was closed on the day we were there.

  • European Quarters, Brussels (March 2nd 2010)
    The European Quarter is not the most charming area in Brussels. Still it is the nerve centre of an expanding European Union, and should be on the list of sights for any politically interested visitor in Brussels.
  • Gothenburg Cathedral, Gothenburg (April 7th 2010)
    In the middle of the oldest part of Göteborg (Gothenburg) you find the city's cathedral. It is the 3rd of its kind on the site and was completed in 1815.

  • Great Mosque of Brussels (January 26th 2010)
    The Great Mosque of Brussels is also found in the park. In 1967, King Baudouin gave a building built in 1880 to King Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia,

  • Göta Coldins Ordenshus, Göteborg (December 28th 2010)
    As we walked through Central Göteborg, I found this house. It belongs to an old secret order of seafarers said to date back to Medieval times, and now only found in Sweden and Finland.
  • Ishak Pasa hamam, Istanbul (December 9th 2010)
    Just across the street for the small mosque you find a large derelict building.

  • Ishak Pasa Mosque, Istanbul (December 9th 2010)
    The mosque is a very early Ottoman building dates back to 1482, just after the conquest of the city.
  • Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels (March 2nd 2010)
    The Justus Lipsius Building is named after Justus Lipsius, Joose Lips or Josse Lips (1547 — 1606) - a famous Flemish philologist and humanist.

  • Kongelige Priviligerede Assistence Huus, Copenhagen (January 5th 2010)
    This beautiful house in Nybrogade in Copenhagen was built by the mayor Wilhelm Bjerregaard in 1728, after the fire that left much of the city in ruins.
  • Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna (March 18th 2010)
    Sigtuna is the oldest city in Sweden, with a history spanning more than 1000 years. There were many churches in the city, and all except one, are no in ruins. The only church still standing is dedicated to Virgin Mary.

  • Massachusetts Hall, Cambridge MA (August 16th 2010)
    The first image of Boston and the US I have, was the sight of Massachusetts Hall as I ascended the stairs at the Church street exit of Harvard subway station. That was in 1987. Massachusetts Hall is still one my favourite buildings in the Bay area.

  • Memorial plaques for wrecked ships, Scituate MA (November 13th 2010)
    Scituate MA is located by a rough coastline, that has threatened seafarers during centuries. On the small peninsula holding the old lighthouse you find two small memorial plaques telling stories from two of these dramas at sea.

  • Merrimack Masonic Lodge building, Haverhill MA October 16th 2010)
    The Merrimack Lodge goes back as far as 1802, making it the second oldest lodge in this district. St. John's Lodge in Newburyport was founded already in 1766.

  • Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lyon (January 19th 2010)
    At Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon, they have an impressive collection of Egyptian artifacts. I was captured by the mysterious eyes of Osiris, reminding us of our Mortality.
  • Old Townhouses of Charlestown, Boston  (December 24th 2010)
    Charlestown is a historically very significant part of Boston. Here you find a unique collection of period architecture and remains of the oldest building in the United States.

  • Old South Meeting House, Boston (October 23rd 2010)
    When you walk down Washington Street in the Downtown Crossing area, you can watch everything from new high rise buildings as well as architecture from the 18th to the 19th century. One of the oldest official buildings in the city is found here.
  • Parc de Cinquantanaire, Brussels (January 26th 2010)
    Park Cinquantanaire is beautiful in winter, as in summer. All year the lawns are beautifully green, lined with evergreen shrubbery.

  • Polar Circle, Rana Norway (September 9th 2010)
    Passed this monument lately? Did you think it marked the exact spot of the Polar Circle?

  • Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria (January 5th 2010)
    To experience a little of the original Canarian life, a trip to Puerto de Mogán is recommended.
  • The runic stones of Sigtuna, Sigtuna (Februar 2nd 2010)
    Sigtuna is the oldest, still populated settlement in Sweden. The long dramatic history spans over 1000 years, and has left a rich heritage of historic monuments.
  • Sigtuna Rådhus, Sigtuna (June 3rd 2010)
    Sigtuna has a long history, but is today a small town, far from its former glory. By Stora Torget (Main square) you find the former City Hall, the smallest in Sweden.

  • Skinny House, Boston (February 16th 2010)
    When I walked the Freedom Trail to its end in September, I stopped at Copps Hill Burial Ground. When I turned around, I looked into this strangely looking wooden building, squeezed between two large red brick buildings.

  • St Lars Kyrkruin, Sigtuna - Sweden (August 2nd 2010)
    St. Lars Kyrkruin is located in downtown Sigtuna. This and other remains of impressive old church buildings are a reminder how important the city was during the early years of what would be today's Sweden.

  • Stoughton Hall, Harvard University (October 19th 2010)
    The architect Charles Bulfinch
    has left behind a rich architectural legacy through a large number of buildings throughout the East Coast of the US, among them US Capitol, the State Houses in Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts and the University Hall at Harvard. Another building designed by him is Stoughton Hall, a dormitory building found at Harvard Yard.

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