Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Puerto de Mogán - a pittoresque Canarian getaway

The northern coast of Gran Canaria is highly developed. Here you'll find large apartment buildings and rows of bungalows taking up most of the space available along the rugged coast line. To experience a little of the original Canarian life, a trip to Puerto de Mogán is recommended. This former small fishing village has, in spite of being converted into a tourist resort, kept much of its small town charm and character.

Puerto de Mogán has upheld strict building restrictions, and new developments within the old city are not allowed to exceed two storeys.

Most of the original fishing village comprise of small white buildings with trims painted in clear blue, green, red and yellow colours.

It is criss crossed with small narrow streets where colourful flowers climb the white facades, and suddenly you may walk into a small back yard planted with beautiful green flowers.

Another striking feature in Puerto de Mogán are the small channels linking the marina to the fishing harbour. Puerto de Mogán has due to this feature been nicknamed "Little Venice" or the "Venice of the Canaries".

Along the small harbour and marina you'll find a number of restaurants and bars. There is also a small beach made up from sand from the Sahara desert, where you can take a nice swim to cool down in the hot Canarian sunshine.

On Fridays there is a very popular market that attracts in tourists from all over the island. It is well worth a visit.

Hotels in Puerto de Mogán

Most tourist take a day trip to Puerto de Mogán. If you want to stay there, there are different hotels to choose from, some in the town, others in the nearby valley - all within walking distance to the beach and the harbour.

At Hotel Puerto de Mogán, you may book a hotel room, suite or apartment from €50-160 per night just by the harbour. Prices vary during the season.

Outside the old town you find modern hotels as Cordial Mogán Playa and Cordial Mogán Valle, where you may book a trip with a charter company.

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Victoria said...

I always take my UK visitors to the market, it is a nice day out and even though touristy I kind of like it myself. I guess that means I'm still a tourist at heart even though I've lived here 10 years!

Randi's Tanker said...

I stayed 3 weeks at Hotel Puerto de Mogan from 18th of December 2009. What a wonderful place to stay.

Blogged the hotel today. You are welcome to visit my blog "Thoughts about travelling and every day life". Written in Norwegian, but you can use Google Translate Website in left column. Some funny translations from Google, but you will understand the meaning. You can also sort for categories in left column.