Monday, January 04, 2010

More open sandwiches

I continued my tradition on inviting friends for brunch one the first day of the new year. As last year I served four different traditional open sandwiches. It is always a success.

Open sandwiches are definitely out of fashion, as they belong to the old fashioned traditions held up by our mothers and grandmothers. When I prepare them for my guests, I really discover how popular they are, as on January 1st. I followed more or less the same recipe as last year. Four different sandwiches with generous toppings served with beer and aquavit.

Prawn sandwich with a twist

I prepared open sandwich with prawns and spicy mayonnaise. I tried to make my own mayonnaise, but failed, so I had to run out and buy a can of Hellmann's mayo.

Last year, I served the prawns on rye bread, this time I used French loaf. I seasoned the mayonnaise with Tone's Seafood seasoning with dill, lemon, and garlic, and I made another little twist by adding chili and coconut sauce. Very contrasting and rich flavours indeed, that worked well with the salt prawns.

See a recipe for open prawn sandwiches here

Traditional pork rib sandwich

I made the most perfect long roast pork rib for my colleagues before Christmas. We did not manage to eat it all, so I split the leftovers into three serving portions to be enjoyed later.

See recipe for long roast pork rib here

I love leftovers, and leftover pork rib, meatballs, sausage, and pickled red cabbage form the main Christmas meal may be used as a sandwich topping.

Cut the rib into inch thick slices. Divide the sausages and meatballs. Place meats in tin foil and heat in a moderately hot oven (160C / 240F)

Cut dark rye bread into one inch slices. Spread good butter and pickled red cabbage on the rye bread.

Take meat out of the oven and place the warm sliced pork rib, meatballs, and sausages on the red cabbage.

Serve immediately. A good Dijon mustard is great with this sandwich.

I also served two other open sandwiches to my friends

See recipes for sandwich with smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, and liverpate with fried smushrooms and pickled cucumber here

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