Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Light dining at Latitude

I have dined on the ferries between Oslo and Copenhagen countless times, and have had a wide range of meals. For those crossing the Kattegat, do not expect fine cuisine. The meals go from decent/satisfactory to boring or uninteresting. The last time I dined on board the DFDS ferries, I had a late meal at Bistro Latitude on board M/F Pearl of Scandinavia.

Location: BBBB+

Very few restaurants has a location like Latitude. As you eat, you may experience the crossing from Oslo to Copenhagen.

Magnificent views while traveling either the Oslo fjord or the strait of Øresund with the Swedish coast on your left and the island of Sjælland on your right. And when the weather is great, what could be better than this.

On your way, you pass Kronborg Palace in Helsingør, that inspired Shakespeare in his play Hamlet.

The windows were a little worn or dirty, obscuring the view somewhat.

Service: BBBBB-

Our waiter did his best to make our meal worthwhile. We did not have to wait long for our food, and as we discovered that the cheese platter was available in the grill on the other side of the walkway, he organized it to be served to us, off the menu.

Interior & Atmosphere: BBB

It is hard to find an intimate atmosphere on board a ship. This also with Bistro Latitude.

The bistro is found on one side of the walkway, separating it from the café further in..

The furniture in light wood with (fake) leather seats were a little worn. No formal table setting, neither glasses, cutlery, nor china placed on the table. Very spartan impression, indeed.

Food: BBBB+

I traveled with my sister and we decided to order to dishes to share. One was salted cod with tagliatelle and asparagus (see top) the other was crispy fried chicken on bulgur wheat. One cheese platter to share for dessert.

We were pleasantly and positively surprised by all the dishes. The chicken had a delicious crunchy and very tasty crust, covering moist and tender chicken meat. The bulgur was tender and all was served with an aromatic tomato sauce.

The fish was lightly salted and steamed to a point where it was firm, still tender. There were less contrasting flavors in this dish, than in the chicken dish, but it was all in all a decent culinary experience.

As both me and my sister have no sweet tooth, we often choose a cheese platter to conclude our when available. The cheese platter was not on the menu at Latitude Bistro, but the waiter did an effort, and presto - we had a cheese platter.

Three differently matured Danish cheeses, hard, medium and soft served with salt olives, and sweet marmalade.

Not much, but providing us with three interesting tastes and consistencies to end our meal.

Wine: N/A

Rating Restaurant Latitude: BBBB+ (4,16 points)

You do not choose to dine at Bistro Latitude due o its interior or atmosphere, but surprisingly tasty food and very good service on board M/F Pearl of Scandinavia.

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