Friday, January 22, 2010

Italian Pancetta

As I left after a day in Copenhagen last spring, I had done my fair share of grocery shopping. Among delicacies I placed in my trolley, were two packages of pancetta, high quality Italian bacon.

I often experience, when buying bacon, that what is supposed to be properly cured and salted meat leaks water, when you prepare it. You really have to struggle to get that delicious crunch. When shopping, I therefore try to find bacon clearly marked as cured and dry salted.

Italian pancetta is among the best of high quality processed bacon with rich flavours reminding you of Parma ham. I found this package of thinly sliced Pancetta in the food hall at Illum's.

I used the packages to prepare two equally delicious dishes. First, I made a delicious entree, green asparagus baked with pancetta in the oven. The other package provided moisture to a roasted Guinea Fowl.

When visiting an Italian grocer, do try to substitute your streaky bacon with thinly sliced pancetta, e.g. at breakfast, or in your Pasta alla Carbonara. It is a completely different experience from the often cheap stuff you find in your supermarket shelves.

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Guinea fowl with Italian pancetta and shitake mushrooms

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