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How to avoid Traveler's diarrhea

Getting travellers diahrrea or even worse, a serious food born disease, may ruin that dream holiday. This may be avoided easily by some prophylactic measures before you leave, and avoiding some easily contaminated foods when on travel.

Most common food born illnesses

Infections caused by salmonella or campylobacter bacteria are the most common food born diseases, that may ruin your vacation. There are, however, many other less known bugs that may cause digestive problems for travelers.

If you suspect you have contracted a food born illness, during or after your travel, do take contact with medical staff to get proper treatment.

Travellers Diarrhea

Each year 20%–50% of international travelers, an estimated 10 million people, develop diarrhea. Travellers diahrrea is also known to mountaineers, as it can occur in camps due to poor sanitary conditions.

This may simply be caused by the traveller meeting a bacterial flora not known to him, or by other bothering, but less harmful germs.

These infections may, in 85% of the cases, be avoided by taking a vaccine as Dukoral, or by boosting your own digestive system with probiotic products, as e.g. Activia and Actimel.

What (not) to eat on vacation:

There are some very easy advice that may significantly reduce the chance of travellers diahrrea or food born illnesses. These are:

  • Non-disinfected water. Drink bottled water!
  • Ice cubes

Be cautions when offered the following foods

  • cold sauces
  • unpasteurized dairy products
  • food prepared from raw eggs (e.g. mayonnaise and desserts)
  • salads
  • raw seafood
  • partly roasted or raw meat or meat products
  • food served luke warm

Safely eat:

  • warm, cooked or fried foods
  • fruits and vegetables peeled by yourself
  • freshly made tea/coffee
  • properly sealed, bottled water
Brush your teeth with bottled water and avoid swallowing water when taking a shower or a swim.

More travel health advice

Medication on your travel

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