Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hotel + flights by Norwegian Air Shuttle

I am an experienced internet user, and use different booking sites to get reasonably priced hotels and air fare. Recently, I discovered the hotel+air fare package offered by Norwegian Air Shuttle, as we booked our trip to Marrakech.

At you may book your plane tickets, and the best way to get cheap fare, is to look for their special offers, or browse the low price calender to find the cheapest tickets.

I have been aware that you may book fare+hotel on the site. As we found a special offer on round trip air tickets with Norwegian Air Shuttle to Marrakech, we decided to check what a package for two might cost. We were highly surprised.

- Nice price for package

Packages at Norwegian Air Shuttle is a joint venture between the air carrier providing tickets and Travellink that will get you that special price on accommodation.

This service seem to be available only on for Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish customers.

We decided to book flight & Hotel for a week. The price seemed to good to be true.

We knew that there was a special offer on flights for the week we booked, so the air fare should be pretty low. We found that the price for the cheapest accommodation + flight started at NOK 2500 (EUR 306) per person, including round trip ticket and 7 nights in a double room.

Do proper research to avoid surprises

There were a large number of hotels to choose from. Be aware that the cheapest accommodation may have a serious flaws.

We found, through reviews on TripAdvisor that they were either located far out of the city, dirty, or offered their customers bad service. You are strongly recommended to do some important research if before you consider to book the cheapest accommodation. It often pays to upgrade a little.

Another challenge when booking in Marrakech was that it was difficult to pin-point the exact location on the hotels we were considering. We tried to cross check the location shown map on the site with that on Google maps, and found that we either did not find the hotel, or that it had several locations. So do your homework on location, as you may be in for a surprise when you arrive.

Do not wait - book that bargain immediately!

Another piece of advise is to book immediately if you are faced with that special offer. Discount air fare are often offered only a limited time. We learnt that through experience.

Prices had risen 1000 NOK just two days after we spotted that special bargain. We went for an exclusive choice of hotel and found that the price had had risen to 4500 NOK (552 EUR) per person when we booked, but that is hardly a price to loose a night's sleep over, if you ask me.

So if you book your flight through Norwegians website, do consider the flight+hotel, as an option if you are in need of a hotel room as well. You may be in for a surprisingly inexpensive package.

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