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Albergo Chiusarelli Hotel - Siena

Ten years ago I had my first, and until now only trip to Italy. We started in the Cinque Terre area, then we traveled on to Florence and Siena in Tuscany, and ended up in Bergamo by the Dolomite mountains.

After staying in a very spartan room in a 500 year old Florentine Palazzo, we stayed four nights in the cool elegance provided by Albergo Chiusarelli Hotel in Siena.

The Albergo Chiusarelli Hotel is located in the outskirts of the Medieval city, in a Neoclassical villa from 1870 packed with old world charm. It was a completely different experience from the old room we stayed a few blocks away from Brunellesci's cathedral in Florence.

I remember Albergo Chiusarelli Hotel for its spacious rooms, marble floors, classic interior, and last but not least, a proper air conditioning system in good order.

We visited Italy in July month, a time of year with scorching heat and thousands and thousands of tourists.

The heat in Florence had meant that we had to sleep with our window wide open to get relief during the night. The joy of hearing the deep sound of the bells from the cathedral, was countered by a large number of mosquito bites of all areas of the body exposed to daylight, and I am deeply allergic to insect bites!

When we arrived at Albergo Chiusarelli Hotel we were given a cool room overlooking the stadium green park, and we could sleep with our windows closed and a/c ON!

A substantial breakfast was also included in the price, served in an old fashioned breakfast room. I look back on my stay at Albergo Chiusarelli Hotel in Siena with great joy. Since my stay, the hotel has been completely renovated, and what I see from the photos, the old style atmosphere has been preserved.

In July you'll get a double room for around 130 EUR a night, breakfast included, a pretty decent price considering that this is peak tourist season in Tuscany, and if you divide the sum by two, it is an affordable affair.


Hotel - Albergo Chiusarelli
Viale Curtatone 15
53100 - Siena - Italy
tel +39 0577 280562
fax +39 0577 271177
See official website here

(Photos: Hotel website, of Florence Cathedral: Bouncey2k)

See video from Albergo Chiusarelli Hotel on YouTube

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