Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alsatian snacks

On and off you are highly surprised when the food you have booked arrives at the table. As I was, when ordering a sandwich at Le Roi et son Fou, a small bistro located at 37, Rue du Vieil Hôpital, just a stone's throw away from Strasbourg Cathedral. Here a sandwich is served the way you make it at home....

You wander around at you destination, and suddenly you feel the urge for a small snack, nothing filling, rather enough to keep you going until a lunch or even a dinner.

I sat down at Le Roi et son Fou (The King and his Jester), a small bistro, looked over the menu and found just what I wanted - a sandwich with jambon or ham. I ordered it (and a glass of red wine), under the impression that it would be a traditional sandwich, i.e. a thick slice of ham, maybe a little mayonnaise and a cornichons, squeezed in between two soft slices of fine white bread.

Surprise, surprise! I was served three slices of plain, whole grain bread, with a thick slice of boiled ham, a few salad leaves, and a hard boiled egg. Just like the sandwiches you care to make in you own kitchen. Unexpected, but good in all its simplicity. And the red wine was good.


Le Roi et son Fou
37, Rue du Vieil Hôpital
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 3 88 23 22 22

Quiche with goat's cheese at Place Gayot

Alsace is widely known for its pies or quiche. The neigbouring province, Lorraine, has even one named after it. At place Gayot we found Restaurant La Table du Gayot, a small tavern and bar, and we decided to order to try one type of this Alsatian specialty.

We looked through the small lunch menu, and decided to try a quiche with goat's cheese, a nice surprise.

It had that agreeable taste released by these cheeses, some like them, others do not. A delicious creamy consistency, often difficult to achieve, and the price? Equally agreeable. The quiche served at Restaurant La Table du Gayot that day was a great bargain at lunch.

Restaurant La Table du Gayot
8 Place du Marché Gayot,
67000 Strasbourg
Phone: 03 88 36 30 27

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Friday, October 23, 2009

UPDATED OCTOBER 2009: Travel stories from A-Z

To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the travel stories on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2009 on this page. Enjoy!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Norwegian Air Shuttle ends most seasonal flights from Norway October 2009

Norwegian will end most of their seasonal non-stop flights from Norwegian airports during October 2009.

This means that a majority of non-stop flights from larger Norwegian airports end, and travelers from Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim will have to travel to Oslo Airport in order to get connecting flights to destinations in Europe and beyond.

US Airways will have its last non-stop flights from Oslo to Philadelphia in October, leaving Continental as the only air carrier with direct flights from Norway to the US.

Direct flights from Bergen - updated November 2009

Vis International non-stop flights from Bergen Airport Flesland - status November 2009 i et større kart

On this map you will find markers that display status on different non-stop flights from Bergen Airport to destinations in Europe. A red marker means that flights is seasonal and not in operation or that an earlier non-stop flight has been canceled. A green marker shows that there is a new non-stop flight planned to this destination. A yellow marker means that there a seasonal flight still operating to this airport. An airplane button means that service is in operation all year around from one or several European destination to this airport.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurante La Lonja - Puerto de Mogán

The Canary Island is an excellent winter destination, but it is hard to find restaurants serving good food. At the picturesque Puerto de Mogán, we enjoyed one of our best meals while being on the island. Restaurant La Lonja had great food and a location to die for.

Location: BBBBB

Restaurant La Lonja is located in the centre of the beautiful Puerto de Mogán, an hour's journey west of Playa del Ingles. It is easy to get to this destination as there are good bus connections to nearby Puerto Rico, Arreguineguin, Playa Del Ingles and beyond.

The restaurant is located in a small house in the local style, by the small, beautiful harbour. It is difficult to find a more beautiful spot for a restaurant on these islands.

Service: BBBB+

Good service. You could choose your food from a menu translated to English and other major languages. You did not have to wait long to get your food.

Interior & Atmosphere: BBBB

We were seated outside. Restaurant La Lonja had a traditional interior. We were seated under fishermen's net, copper lanterns and other maritime objects.

We were comfortably seated around a small table set for two. There were many tables squeezed in on a small space. As the restaurant was packed with people we felt less comfortable during our meal.

Food: BBBBB-

The restaurant is specializing in local Canarian cuisine and seafood and can offer a wide variety of fish, shellfish, meat, salads, and paellas.

We ordered swordfish steaks, a delicate fish with a white, firm meat. I ordered my steak with asparagus sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised by the meal. The large slice of swordfish was served with a creamy sauce with whole white asparagus, oven baked potatoes AND rice and vegetables.

It was well presented on a wide white plate with room for all the ingredients.

The fish was well prepared, firm and not over cooked, potatoes , asparagus, and rice cooked to perfection. Other vegetables slightly over cooked. Perfect creamy sauce.

Very good balanced tastes throughout the whole dish. All was well seasoned food. The sword fish was probably one of the highlights of our visit to the Canary Islands, one out of very few highlights.

Drink: BBBB

We ordered a bottle of Vina Sol, very good for this dish, with its, fresh, fruity aromas. Smooth, rich and crisp on the palate, with plenty an abundance of apple and pineapple aromas and a touch of fennel.

Rating La Lonja experience: BBBB+ (4,39 points)

One of the best meal during our week on the Canary Island. Great location, but the terrace was overcrowded.

Great, tasty seafood meal accompanied by delicious cold white wine.

Restaurante La Lonja
Playa de Mogán
ES- 35139 Puerto de Mogán
Phone: 928 56 54 76
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Impressions of Italy - the Amalfi Coast

I got a mail from two friends, John Wroughton and Øystein Rian, with impressions from an out of season journey to Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Here is a short account on what they did.

To get to Amalfi, Øystein and John took the train from Rome to Salerno (about 2.5 hours) . From Salerno to Amalfi the local SITA bus service took about an hour.

They had booked L'Antico Convitto, their Amalfi hotel, at The site describes the hotel as:

"The hotel L'Antico Convitto is located in the old quarter of Amalfi, a few steps away from the cathedral and from the sea. It is close to the city center, and yet offers a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

The property is very confortable and welcoming: the building has an elevator and its entrance is on the principal road, via dei Curiali."

Guests booking the same hotel over the website, has given it a very good rating after their stay (9,4 points out of 10!)

At L'Antico Convitto - Øystein and John experienced every travelers dream, being upgraded to "Junior Suite" at no extra cost (i.e. €100 per night) - probably due to it being low season.

During peak season, upgrading like this may be out of the question. Their experience shows the advantage traveling out of season.

Their hotel in Amalfi, was VERY nice for the price: great view from their "Junior Suite" (recommended), good coffee and breakfast, beautiful rooms, very nice staff, and a great location in Amalfi.

They would certainly consider staying at L'Antico Convitto again and found the period of travel, i.e. late September / early October, ideal this year.

Going to famous tourist locations as Amalfi and Cinque Terre in October you can get bargains you else would have had to pay much for, at a fraction of the price. And the weather may be as good as during peak season.

They certainly experienced that the weather was great. We (my friend Terje and I as well as Øystein and John) were staying at the same hotel in Sitges this June, and they found the Amalfi weather in October at least as good as what we all experienced back then. You may, however risk the opposite, during a travel during fall.

They stayed 5 days in Amalfi with day excursions to Capri, Positano, and Ravello. They found Positano disappointing (aside from the picturesque setting) - a "Disneyland for the rich traveler" with too many shops and lacking in local culture.

Amalfi, which historically preceded Pisa, Genoa and Venice in importance is a very fascinating world heritage sight town with plenty of local restaurants and local culture and swimming possibilities.

They accidentally bought tickets for the "deluxe" boat ferry from Amalfi to Capri. It included an amazing tour of the rocky cliffs, caves, and rocky islands (one of which has a huge archway that their boat went through) as they approached Capri on the Marina Piccola side (the most beautiful side of Capri).

They also visited Ravello - well worth getting to know.

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(All photos: John Wroughton)

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Hotel Principe Eugenio - Rome

I got a mail from two friends, John Wroughton and Øystein Rian, with impressions from an out of season journey to Rome and the Amalfi Coast. If you consider staying at Hotel Principe Eugenio, here is a first hand account of the hotel, in their own words.

Our hotel in Rome was the "Hotel Principe Eugenio" (which gets a rating of 9 with Venere) had great, clean & spacious rooms and nice hotel staff. They even welcomed us with a bottle of cold wine! Our first room faced a beautiful internal garden area with balcony.

See the description of the hotel here.

The breakfast itself was adequate (except for horrible coffee - sorry to have to say), but the breakfast room was so cramped it was not a place one would want to "relax and enjoy a breakfast. The meal included thin turkey slices, cubes of cheese, hard boiled eggs etc. - nutritious but not a whole lot more.

It was a very OK hotel for the price (€120 per night). The hotel is in a somewhat shabby neighborhood near the Termini station - which we were aware of before we went. It was near two metro stations so it was no problem getting around.

On Hotel Principe Eugenio

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