Saturday, July 18, 2009

NEW - MAPS, WEBCAMS, AND VIDEOS: Destinations on Enjoy Food & Travel 2006-2009

View Destinations on Enjoy Food & Travel 2006-2009 in a larger map

Enjoy Food & Travel will celebrate its third year in operation August 2009. During this time we have published stories on food, sights, restaurants and hotels on 94 locations in 20 countries. This year the Enjoy Food & Travel team will visit three new and exciting destinations in two countries, Malaysia and Tunisia. Here is a list over destinations on Enjoy Food & Travel 2006-2009:












  • Aqaba
COMING: Malaysia:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Langkawi

  • Becici
  • Budva
  • Kamenovo
  • Noice
  • Przno
  • Rafailovici
  • Sveti Stefan


South Africa
- (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Alexandra
  • Durban
    - (Webcam)
  • Estcourt
  • Giant’s Castle
  • Harrismith
  • Johannesburg
    - Webcam
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Pilanesberg
  • Soweto
  • Sun City
  • Charlottenberg
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Göteborg
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Karlstad
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • COMING: Sigtuna
  • Stor-Treen
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
    - Video of Fredros Flötningsränna
  • Sunne
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Sunnemo
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Bangkok
  • Chaweng Beach
COMING: Tunisia

  • Istanbul
United Kingdom:
  • London
  • Nottingham
United States
  • Andrews, NC
  • Beaufort, SC
  • Boston, MA
    - (Webcam)
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Cambridge, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Cohasset, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Hampton Beach, NH
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Haverhill, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Hingham, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Kittery, ME
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Newburyport, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Newington, NH
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • New York, NY
    - (Webcam)
  • Norwell, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Ogonquit, ME
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Portsmouth, NH
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Rowley, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Salisbury Beach, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Seabrook, NH
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Scituate, MA
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • York, ME
    - (Map on Enjoy Food & Travel)
  • Washington DC
    - (Webcam)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Playa del Ingles - delights at Den Danske Kro

Playa del Iingles has taverns and bars that cater to all tastes and nationalities, but guess who was happy when he found a Danish tavern serving open sandwiches? I was! Under southern skies the sandwiches were unmistakably Danish, but where do they get their Bearnaise sauce from?

Location: BBBB

Den Danske Kro is located on the top level of Yumbo centre, one out of four large centres at Playa del Ingles. Levels of concrete overlooking a palm garden, hardly the most charming or romantic place to dine, but the location is good – at the heart of the resort.

Service: BBBBB-

Den Danske Kro had a staff, that provided us with good Danish hospitality, and the small talk so typical of the Danes. We were served with no delay, and we were both very happy as we left – in fact we decided to come back for more – twice!

Interior & atmosphere: BBB

It was the people, not the interior that made Den Danske Kro charming. We were seated outside, the inside had a traditional interior. Relatively spacious around the table, but seating comfort was not optimal at all. We were given forks as we ordered.

Food: BBBBB-

We decided to enjoy open sandwiches for "frokost", i.e. Danish lunch. As I indulged in the Open sandwich with liverpaté, bacon and mushroom twice, I tried three of their open sandwiches. The food served a Den Danske Kro was among the best we had during our week, so we went there for dinner as well, and were slightly disappointed. Here are some snapshot of our treats:

Open sandwich with liverpaté, bacon and mushroom: BBBB+

This is a Danish classic, and one of my personal favourites. A large serving of liver paté, garnished with bacon, cucumber, cornichons, onion, on rye bread.

Good consistency – creamy paté, but the onion was a little soggy. Well balanced, well seasoned paté. A bargain at 5 Euros.

See recipe for open sandwich with warm pepper paté, crispy bacon, fried mushrooms and pickled cucumber on rye

Open sandwich with plaice and sauce remoulade: BBBBB

Another classic, another favourite. A large fillet of breaded plaice, lightly fried, served with remoulade.

Deliciously crunchy crust, firm and flakey white fish. Fresh sauce remoulade. As good as it gets, and as good as back in old Denmark!! A bargain at 5 Euros.

Traditional plaice sandwich as served at Wesselstuen in Bergen - see story here

Pork Roast with pickled red cabbage: BBBB+

Open sandwich with “Fleskesteg med rødkål” is something to order when visiting a Danish tavern. Thinly sliced pork roast on rye, garnished with pickled red cabbage. Good texture, tender meat, and well prepared red cabbage, with a little crunch. The pork a little low in seasoning, i.e. salt and pepper. A bargain at 5 Euros.

Pork roast with red pickled cabbage - a Norwegian Christmas treat

Wiener Schnitzel with boiled potatoes, green peas and sauce bearnaise: BBBB

Another classic, delicious if well prepared. Wiener schnitzel may often end up dry if fried to long. Not at Den Danske Kro. Delicious crunchy crust, and the thin slice of meat was succulent and tender. Fresh firm green peas, and slightly waxy boiled potatoes.

Great stuff. If the secrets is in the sauce, IT clearly disappointed us. We had this rich and tasty butter based sauce twice, at restaurants at Playa del Ingles, and I dare say - they must have had the same supplier. A good bearnaise should have bitterness from vinegar, sweetness from feshly cut tarragon and rich, salt aromas from the butter. First and foremost, there wre no reassuring spots of green (did the supplier add tarragon at all), and very little salt and vinegar. The winer schnitsel at Den Danske Kro would have been SO much better with a proper bearnaise.

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu - variation of a theme. See story here

Drink: BBBB+

What better to enjoy to sandwiches than a beer, accompanied by a shot or two Gammel Dansk Bitter. A regular, tasty pilsner type beer. It made the meal feel even more Danish, until you turned your head and spotted the tall palm trees in the garden beyond

Rating the Den Danske Kro experience: BBBB (4,12 points)

Low on interior and location, but definitely the (and only) place for Danish grub in the neighbourhood. One of the best options at the Playa, good service - and open sandwiches.

I will return!!

Den Danske Kro
Yumbo Centre
Playa del Ingles

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kings's Chapel and its old burying ground

Boston is a city of contrasts. Among modern high rise buildings you suddenly see smaller and older structures that reminds you that it is one of the oldest cities in the United States. One of these buildings is King’s Chapel on the corner of Tremont and School street. Here people have said prayers for over 320 years, and the burying ground around it contains graves that even go back to the first settlers that set foot in the New world, as Mayflower arrived in 1620.

King’s Chapel is hardly the most beautiful of the buildings left from Old Boston. It has a classic façade with columns and a flat tower. The first building on the site was built in wood in 1686.

The current stone building was designed by Peter Harrison and was completed in 1754. What happened to the older building was that it was moved out of the windows of the current church, and the timber was used to build another church, dedicated to Saint John, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Sadly this building burnt down in 2001, but has since been restored. The congregation went from being Anglican to Unitarian in 1784.

The church was not open to the public when I passed it, but surrounding the church is a fascinating churchyard. The last graves here dates to the last decade of the 18th century. They have since been rearranged, so the the headstones do not mark the exact location of the graves. Here ar a few of the graves at the old burying ground.

James Townsend

This beautiful headstone marks the grave of James Townsend. I have tried to find more information on the web, without succeeding.

The headstone has neither date of birth nor date of his death.

James Townsend was most likely of noble descent, as his grave bears his coat of arms, three scallop shells separated by a angled bar.

See story on Granary Burying Ground anno 1660

William Dawes Jr.



William Dawes is one of the many extraordinary characters that took part in the drama connected to the American revolution, and many of them are buried in this area, here and especially in the nearby Granary Burying Ground.

Read story on Along my Freedom Trail: Old North Church and the Paul Revere Statue here on Enjoy Food & Travel

John Winthrop and his descendants

John Winthrop was born in 1587 in Edwardstone, Suffolk, and he, his third wife Margaret Tyndal, their three sons and eight servants left their small manor bound for the new world 1630-1631. Here he became the governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

He was the owner of the land on which Boston Common, the city's first park, rests.

The stone marks the family grave of several generations of the family from the mid 17th to the mid 18th century, some of which had powerful positions in Colonial America.

Read more on John Winthrop and Boston Common

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hôtel Cathédrale - Strasbourg

I love staying on historic location, and spending nights at Hôtel Cathédrale in Strasbourg is certainly a step back in time. The house is said to be from the renaissance, and facing the massive facade of Strasbourg cathedral you are walking hundreds of years back in time. I enjoyed three nights in an extraordinary room at this hotel.

Location: BBBBB

The guests at Hôtel Cathédrale enjoy a prime location. The old house face the mighty facade of the Strasbourg Cathedral, with its impressive solitary stone tower. It is easy to get there, a 10-15 walk through narrow streets is all it takes to get you from the railway station to the hotel.

Service: BBBBB

A brilliant staff speaking both French, German, and English secures a smooth check-in, and they are always prepared to offer excellent service in guiding tourists to sights and restaurants in this beautiful historic city.

Room: BBBB+

I enjoyed three night in a large and extraordinary room. My room was located in one of the wings, and it was a journey through corridors, outdoor walkways and stairs to get there. If you have problems moving around, these rooms are definitely not for you.

As I entered, I was highly surprised, as I found stairs leading from the downstairs room, up to an alcove with a tiny 16th century window. The room (or rooms) were generously sized - one reception room, a medium sized bathroom, and the small, surprising alcove.

The decor looked a little outdated, beige hessian wallpaper, classic dark-wooden furniture. Light brown tiled bathrooms. There were some wear and tear, e.g. the wallpaper had worn off on certain sections of the walls, and there were small marks on furniture.

Feature of room:
  • Minibar
  • Safety-deposit box
  • Wi-fi (not in order when I tried)
  • Hair drier
Breakfast: N/A

Not included in price of the room.

Facilities: BBB+

Entertainment: In-house bar and good restaurant in back yard.

Exercise: None

Well being: Airconditioning, WI-FI access (not in order), extra PC for guests, and rest area.

General maintenance: Good

Other remarks: Old and charming building, but definitely not suited for elderly or disabled, as there were stairs and many levels, and lift was operated from 1st floor.

Price: BBBB

At a price just under €90 a night, Hôtel Cathédrale offers good value for money. If breakfast had been included, it would certainly been a bargain.

Rating the Hôtel Cathédrale experience: BBBB+ (4,34 points)

Hôtel Cathédrale is good choice when staying in Strasbourg. It has character, charm, and an unbeatable location. A little low on indoor facilities, some needs of maintenance and certainly not suited for elderly or disabled.

Hôtel Cathédrale
13, Place de la Cathédrale
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 8 20 13 10 20

Monday, July 13, 2009

Christiansborg Slotskirke - Copenhagen

Christiansborg Slot is the home of the Danish parliament. There have been palaces on the site for over 830 years but the building you see today has burnt down and bern rebuilt many times, as late as 1928.

The current palace as it looks today, dates back to 1733, burnt down in in 1794 and rebuilt in 1828 in empire style. It was ravaged by flames in 1884. By then the royal family had moved to their new residence of Amalienborg Palace.

Attached to the Palace you find the royal chapel, very different in style and character. The first church was architecturally an integral part of the palace complex, but the present is very different from the current castle buildings. It looks like a classic temple, a rectangular white building, with a classic entrance with four jonic-style columns.

The first chapel was constructed 1738-1742 after the large fire, but was lost during the fire of 1794. The present building was designed by C.F. Hansen and built in classicist style 1810-1826. It survived the large fire of 1884but during the city carnival in 1992 a rocket ignited the roof. The church was reconstructed an reopened in 1997.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Enjoy Food & Travel awarded 7th best Travel/food blog 2009 by Tripbase

It is always good to be noticed, and it is even better to given an award. We received the following e-mail from
Tripbase yesterday.
"After careful consideration, we have elected to give your blog an award for providing one of the best Travel and Food-related blogs out there. You have emerged in 7th place for this category.

We feel your blog is an excellent example of what a blog should be and trust that you feel proud in this respect. We congratulate you on your achievement and are providing you with a badge to display proudly at your own discretion on your blog as a sign that you are in the top echelons of the blogosphere.

The badge is to show your fellow bloggers that you are one of the best bloggers out there. It will also afford both you and your blog a lot of credibility, as is a leading figure in the travel industry. On top of this, we'll also be putting a press release out in the coming days to major news sources announcing the travel awards, so this should hopefully garner you some additional exposure in the process.

This is a prestigious award and you should be able to display it with pride!

The badge itself links back to the awards page, which in turn explains what the awards are all about. Here is the URL of the specific award you have won, as well as a URL to the main awards page.

Your award URL:

Main awards URL:

Signed Chris Rutherford"
I am happy and honoured to be nominated, or even better - get an award. It is certainly not an Oscar, but it is nice that Tripbase has seen my work and liked it!

Tripbase Blog Awards 2009