Friday, July 03, 2009

Eat you heart out, Michael O'Leary

For those of you that believes that Ryanairs boss, Michael O’Leary is the most creative man in the business, think again! According to Sky News, the Chinese air carrier Spring Airlines has plans to offer tickets where you may choose to stand on their flights.

Passengers will be strapped to a kind of a bar stool to ensure safety during travel. Spring Airlines' Zhang Wuan hope that the airline may cut 20% of their costs and allow the planes to take 40% more passengers. It is now considering officially submitting it to the aviation regulator before the year is out.

It seems that creativity in the budget segment of the airline industry has no end. The question is when new creative solutions like these will ultimately threaten the overall safety on board. It may certainly be pleasant enough to be placed on a twig during a smooth flight, but how will it feel during takeoff, landing, and turbulent conditions? Let us hope that the idea is turned down by Chinese aviation authorities. If not, you may soon be standing on Ryanair flights as well, believe me!!

See full story on Sky News

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Spring Arlines shows travelers how to exercise on board

See this little film from on Youtube:

Want some more bad news for air travelers

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summertime, and the living is easy!

The last days have brought temperatures close to 30C (84F), fair skies to Norway. The long awaited summer is finally here!! As everyone else, the Enjoy Food & Travel team will enjoy a good summer break. This means that stories will be published sporadically on the site in July. We certainly hope that you will come back to us when the fall season starts August 2009. when we will have new stories from fascinating destinations from Europe and beyond!!


On the photo: Merdøgaard museum is an authentic seacaptain's home outside Arendal. It dates back to the 18th century. It has belonged to the Dahll and Larssøn families, and they have left behind an important legacy, as most of the interior was donated to the Aust-Agder Museum. The house is open during the summer.

(Photo: Krg)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

UPDATED: Sitges - disappointing second meal at Claudius

(UPDATED: June 16th 2009) One of our best meals last year was a simple, still elegant late night dinner at Claudius, a small modest pizzeria / ristorante by the Mediterranean. This meal was inspired by an important principle in good Italian cooking - less is more. From a few, but excellent ingredients the cook created wonderful food!! At Claudius all was perfect - nearly, as only Allah is perfect! Sadly, as we revisited this year, we found that much of the glory had disappeared. Our meal was, quite frankly a disappointment.

Location: BBBBB

There are few places better to eat by the Sitges beachfront. Claudius face the Mediterranean, located close to the church Santa Bartolmeu i Santa Tecla.

A better location for a good meal is very hard to find.....

Atmosphere: BBBBB-

A traditional colourful interior, well cleaned and maintained. But who would sit inside on such an evening? We decided to eat outside.

Price: BBBBB

I have sadly lost the bill, but the price for two dishes and a bottle of rosé wine to share was hardly chocking.

Service: BBBB+

Good service from a nice waitress that did her best to make us feel comfortable. The food was served quickly, but what food!!!!

Updated June 16th: Nice and discreet service, we did not have to wait long to be served.

Food: BBBB (2008: BBBBB)

2008: Gnocchi with a creamy ruccola pesto and gorgonzola sauce: BBBBB

I know it does not look good, but this grey food was delicious. Perfectly prepared gnocchi, dumplings made from flour, potatoes and eggs served in the most exquisite sauce. This dish has been an inspiration for my own culinary activities, as I have prepared this sauce at my summer home, and ruccola pesto - oh-la-la!!!

2008: Profiteroles with strawberry sauce and cream: BBBB+

Profiteroles are among my favourite desserts, and at Claudius they really knew how to make a great presentation of them. You really looked forward to the first bite.

The syrup was out of this world, whereas the strawberry and regular cream tasted less of the delicious berries. The cream puffs were perfect.

2009: Pizza Parmesana: BBBB-

I ordered from the large selection of pizzas. The Pizza Parmesana was described as pizza with mozzarella, cured ham and parmesan cheese.

Presentation: The Pizza Parmesana looked decent, but was served on a plate to small for the pie, and as it was not flat, it made the pie difficult to eat.

Texture: Topping slightly dry, and whereas the gnocchi ordered by my friends were served with fresh parmesan shavings, my pizza had the dry, low-quality, powdered parmesan variety. The pastry was very dry and cracked into small crumbs. Cured ham was tough.

Balance: Slightly bitter tomato sauce, lacking a little sweetness. Extra pepper needed.

Taste: Very average in taste

Price: At 9 EUROS you were not robbed, but even though the low price, pizzas at Claudius is not recommended.

Beverage: Leonardo Chianti Classico: BBBB-

We ordered a Chianto Classico, priced at EUR 17,90 for a bottle, a fruity wine, with very little character.

Rating the Claudius experience: BBBB+ (4,33 points)

A climb down from the review in 2008. Even the gnocchi ordered by my traveling companions were of completely different character. Pizza was dry and not very good. Location, atmosphere, service and price saves it from even a lower dip in rating.