Friday, June 05, 2009

Hollis Hall anno 1763

Facing Harvard Yard you find Hollis Hall, one of the oldest dormitories on the university. The plaque on its wall gives a short account of its history.

HOLLIS HALL Built by he Province of he Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England in 1763 Named in honor of THOMAS HOLLIS of London, Merchant, and other members of the same family, constant and generous benefactors of HARVARD COLLEGE from 1719 to 1804. Used as Barracks by Colonial troops in 1775-76.

Hollis Hall is a beautiful red brick building, one of the oldest found on campus today. It is in use as dormitory, and a great number of important people has once slept here. On the list you find:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Check in at Oslo Central station offered from August 2009

(Source: Aftenposten, May 24th 2009) Tired of stand in line to get your boarding card and baggage tags? From August 2009 Scandinavian Airlines will offer their travelers additional check-in machines at the Airport Express terminal at Oslo Central Station and in Drammen. Then you may go directly to baggage drop when arriving at the air terminal.

It is only SAS that will introduce this service this summer. The airline hopes that they will make it more convenient for air travelers and reducing lines for check-in at the airport. The airline has plans to extend this service to additional railway stations, hotels, and buss stations. I sincerely hope that other major airlines will offer same service to use travelers.

Today both Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle have check in machines at Oslo Airport, and this option is increasingly popular with travelers. With touch screen technology it is getting more user friendly and convenient, reducing stress levels at the air terminal. The only bit I still find troubling is to fasten the tag correctly.

And the good thing is that you may use the spare time to enjoy a meal or some retail therapy at the airport.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sky Team Alliance deal makes Schiphol major hub for Norwegian travelers to the US

US Airways is the last air carrier to open direct flights from US to Oslo airport, as their first non-stop service from Philadelphia landed last week. Another alliance may mean that travelers from other cities in Norway may fly directly to Europe for a connection over the Atlantic.

The Sky Team Alliance has included Delta as partner, and as Alliance partner KLM, has non-stop flights from Oslo, Torp, Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim to Amsterdam, more travelers may use Schiphol airport in Amsterdam as a direct hub for connecting flights over the Herring pond, without flying over Oslo airport.

The Sky Team Alliance has announced that they will concentrate on flights to the following US destinations: Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis-St.Paul, New York JFK, Cincinnati, Memphis and Salt Lake City.

More transatlantic flight news on Enjoy Food & Travel:

Monday, June 01, 2009

First meal in a new kitchen

O joy! After two weekend I have a brand new kitchen at our summer home, fitted by my two handy friends Stian and Øyvind. Last weekend I prepared my first meal, and what else to choose than meatballs cosa nostra and foie gras served with a chilled Pineau de Charentes.

I am happy to get the assistance, as I am all thumbs. We bought the kitchen at IKEA, and drove it down to the summer home. It is a plain white kitchen with brass handles and a solid oak work top.

It was surprisingly quick to assemble, as most of the kitchen was up by Saturday May 9th leaving the details to the Saturday 24th, i.e. last weekend.

I am very grateful to good friends for a terrific job. My old kitchen could hardly be called a kitchen. My new and very practical work surfaces makes it so much easier to cook.

Then I prepared my first meal for my guests.

Foie Gras d'Oie with Pineau de Charentes

I bought 650 grams of goose liver in Copenhagen in April. As I shared it with my sister, I brought my part down to my summer home, sliced in thinly and placed them in my freezer for later use.

I wanted to celebrate with one slice, and another of my guests brought a bottle of Pineau des Charentes, an aperitif based on cognac and grape must, manufactured by Bache-Gabrielsen a Franco-Norwegian cognac house.

Delicious to the foie gras, sweet with a distinct character, served with ice. It was also recommended to blue cheese, as the late harvest or sauternes wines.

The goose liver was extremely cheap, only DKK 165 or under €20 for 650 grams. I was surprised by the high quality, and I highly recommend it - produced by Georges Thiol.

I did some serious grocery shopping in Copenhagen. Read what I bought here.

A dish to die for

As a main dish I made Meatballs Cosa Nostra, spicy Italian meatballs with onions, tomato sauce and lots and lots of Parmesan cheese.

Hungry? Get the recipe here!

I could make it with the first harvest of fresh herbs from my garden, as lovage, sage, thyme and oregano. I added a indecent amount of garlic, and it all blended into a delicious Italian experience.

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